Thursday, July 2, 2009

Will you help?

I've often talked about my Hubby's cousin, Gloria, and her Mom, Aunty Helen.  Less than two months ago Aunty Helen's husband Ben (Gloria's Dad), passed away, they had been together for over 50 years!  So with Ben's passing I'm sure Aunty Helen and Gloria have had enough on their plates... but God works in mysterious ways and has dealt them another blow.

Brandon is Gloria's nephew and Aunty Helen's grandson.  He was in a bad accident at a motorcycle raceway down the states and was hurt pretty bad.  It was his first race and he was practicing beforehand when the bike came down hard.  He has injured his spinal column and is currently in a wheelchair, unsure if he will ever walk again.  Brandon's been in the hospital for about two weeks and has already had a number of surgeries.  The state is picking up some of the medical bills but not everything, and this is where you can help.  Gloria and Aunty Helen don't have a whole lot and because Brandon is a distance away they are having to travel to see him.  Fuel is expensive and they are looking for donations... any amount, even $1.00 will do.  The money donated will help with expenses for them to travel to see Brandon and also help with medical bills that the state doesn't cover.  Whether you donate or not, prayers are always welcome, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart :)

To donate, and read about Brandon's accident, please visit the website that Gloria has put up: and please feel free to post the link on your own blog!

Family and friends keep Brandon in good spirits eleven days after his accident:


Anonymous said...

How nice of you to post this for your family. I visited the link you gave, and they have a paypal link - that will make my donation so quick and painless!

Anonymous said...

We don't have anything, but what I do have is prayer and that I do freely.

Kansas A said...

Thank you both! Donations and prayers are much appreciated :)

Anonymous said...

Glad also to donate a little and also a lot of prayers. All the best for him and his family!

dawn said...

How terrible. These things happen so quickly. I will remember them in my prayers.