Thursday, June 11, 2009

Jevan PALS

Tuesday was the last PALS at the school. Jevan has never gone and when his teacher specifically asked me if he could attend when we were at the parent/teacher interview, and then sent a note home in his backpack, I thought I'd best take him. We had fun and I'm glad I went.

I have no idea what PALS stands for but the kids make crafts, sing songs (we didn't get to because it was running late), and we even had a Chinese dinner the teacher ordered in. Wow there was a TON of food!

PALS at the school

Miss Veenstra first explains all the crafts and then you circulate throughout the room to the different craft tables.

Miss Veenstra

I certainly have noticed a big improvement in Jevan's crafting skills. He can now hold scissors and cut really well, and is much better at putting things together.

PALS at the school

Here he is making a fish tank.

PALS at the school

This little piggy went to market but he changed it to this little "cow" went to market.

PALS at the school

On the way back I stopped along the highway and took pictures of the sunset. The smoke from the Gold Bridge fire is sure making things appear different around here.

Sunset Highway 12

Sunset Highway 12

The fire has grown to 8000 hectares, has 230 firefighters (250 total with support staff), 15 helicopters, and 50 pieces of heavy equipment on it and I believe there's been a few structures lost but I don't know if it's homes, barns, etc. Reports of injured grizzly bears are starting to come in with orders to the RCMP to shoot on sight. They've lost their homes too and after surviving the fire they are shot, really a sad situation. The fire has been reported as "human set" and I hope this makes whomever did it think twice!


Anonymous said...

So disgusting and sad about the bears. Now we have fires here close to home. suspected arson Probably a disgruntled forestry worker. Send our trees to Japan we shall burn them down first. Who knows??ab

tanita davis said...

When I was teaching, right out of school (and granted, that was almost ten years ago), PALS stood for peer assisted learning strategies. In a preschool setting, however, it's probably something like PALS Preschoolers Acquiring Learning Strategies. It's just that extra little small group time to ensure that the kids don't fall through the cracks academically later on -- when they're less inclined to spend extra time learning, and they're diverted with sports and hormones. It's great that your school offers this.

Your sunset is gorgeous. We have no smoke, but just the general... city effluvia in the air produces that ray effect sometimes. Lovely.

Moonshadow said...

I can't wait to get my craft supplies all together in my new out building so I can do crafts with the grandkids. That photo is gorgeous! It deserves to be on a poster or greeting card. The contrasts in it are striking.

Anonymous said...

Nice work Jevan! The drive to Lytton sure has some nice view spots for the clouds. You do awesome pictures.

dawn said...

So many of the fires are set by humans and it makes it hard for those who are conscientious.

Looks like a fun day at PALS.