Sunday, June 14, 2009

Baby Rattlesnake

A few years ago my BIL, Mike, brought me down a full grown rattlesnake to take pictures of. This time he brought me a baby he found under his trailer, actually it was my nephew who found it and Mike captured it. After trying to figure out how to take pictures of it without endangering ourselves I brought out the camera. I had emptied a large clear tub, took a window from the living room, and then placed it over the tub.

Here's some pics and a short video.

Baby Rattlesnake

Baby Rattlesnake

Baby Rattlesnake

Hubby took the baby over to the old dump and let it go. As long as it stays far, far away from my house this little guy has a right to live.... but if I see him again there's no telling what I might do! ;)


Anonymous said...

I use to live in lillooet and I always heard rattle snakes never crossed the big slide There vwas not suppose to be a snake in lillooet. whoops maybe that was not the big slide. Kansas Just delete this.. ab

Kansas A said...

Yup that's what I've heard too, but we live on the other side of the Big Slide so we do get rattlesnakes.

Moonshadow said...

Glad to hear that you let the little guy go. He sure is a beauty, isn't he? We hardly ever see any rattlers around here, they're further west into the dryer area of Kansas and over into Colorado. Dad grew up in the Colorado flatlands and had a dog the got bit so often killing rattlers that he was immune to the poison. We do see Water Moccasins on the rivers though.

Mikey said...

He's beautiful! GREAT pictures! Boy I want a new camera so I can take pics like that.
I'm so glad you caught him and let him go. That's an awesome example to be setting.

tanita davis said...

Deadly beauty. The wee ones are the worst. I wish you could take pics of my snakes - I have a corn snake in shades of gray, white and black -- he's gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

I just hope the Momma only left one baby under that trailer. I am not looking forward to seeing any on my trip to Lillooet.

dawn said...

Awesome photos. I would set him free far away too.

jackie said...

No rattlers in Eastern Canada. Phew!
Great picts and video! ANd a good method to keep everyone safe.