Friday, June 19, 2009

Osprey and her chicks

After dropping Jevan off at the school for his early morning field trip, Sydney and I parked at the old hospital in Lytton and we took a walk across the road.  Standing on the Chief David Spintlum bridge you can see across to a large nest with an Osprey and her chicks.

I'm making these pics a bit large but I was so far away it was tough to get up close pictures, if the right side of the picture is cut off click on the pic to go to flickr and get a full view.

The nest is huge and doesn't look at all comfortable!
Osprey with chicks

The chicks are rather ugly looking little creatures and when they finally showed they came up fighting each other.
Osprey with chicks

It looks like she's looking down at her babies and giving them a stern talking to :)  (Kind of reminds me of my house lol).
Osprey with chicks

For a sec I thought she was going to haul off and belt the little buggers... but she just stretched her wing ;)
Osprey with chicks

You know, sometimes I'm really amazed at how many animals I see on a trip into Lytton.  In one day I saw the Osprey and her chicks, a deer crossed in front of me on the road, three marmots, one very dead doe laying on the side of the highway, a herd of baby sheep and then Sydney spotted a grouse and another deer, I think the only thing missing was the bears and coyotes.  Quite often I see more animals than cars on Highway 12.  Thursday was my sixth trip into town and now I can hang up my keys until I have to drive into Lillooet on Monday and two trips into Lytton on Tuesday.  I have burned more fuel in the last four days than I have in moons... time to take a break! :)

Sydney has posted some pictures of herself performing as Lady McDuff in their Macbeth play, the reason for most of my trips into Lytton this past week.  If you'd like to check them out visit her blog: Doodles.

Have a great weekend everyone! :)


LoneCowboy said...

WOWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!! those are amazing photos!!!!! How lucky you are to be able to see that :)

nikina said...

I agree...wonderful pictures :)

ennadoolf said...

Great photos! I only have a point'n'shoot, but still tried to get half decent shots of a bald eagle nest within city limits here in London (ON) - a couple photos are on my blog. I *love* all the photos on your blog! :)

Anonymous said...

Great photos of the osprey ab

jackie said...

Great photos! We have osprey on the bike trip to the farm but it is rare to see the babies. Did you ever see "The Dark Crystal"? They really remind me of the Skekses.