Monday, July 13, 2009

Photos and thoughts

We took a quick river trip on Saturday, later than we usually go down, so some of the pictures aren't as clear as I'd like.

Baby grouse.  Mama was up in the tree too but she was hiding much better than her baby.

Baby Grouse

About ten seconds past where baby grouse was, we spot a doe walking up the hill and she stopped to look at us.  I sure wish I could get a clearer picture of a deer but it seems lately they are only out walking around at dusk.


My nephew, Mikey, puts the set net in the Fraser but didn't catch a thing.  July 21 we can get our gill net in and put the set net away until next year.

Mikey with set net

Heading for the truck I see there are still lots of brown eyed Susan's around, or I think that's what they're called.

Brown eyed susan

Not to dwell on Annie's passing, but I was looking at some of the photos from our last weekend river trip and came across the last picture of Annie that I took.

Last photo

I'm getting better but one really doesn't realize just how involved our lives become with our pets.  Everything I do seems to bring up some kind of memory... lately it's the chickens coming in our front door.  All I would have to say was "Do your job Annie!" and she'd quickly run and herd them back out to the porch.  I guess Annie used to keep them out even when I was out and about because when I came in yesterday I found our rooster, Goofy, quite far down our hallway.  The only other times I've found chickens in the house was when Annie was with me and the front door was accidentally left open, or she was being super lazy :)

This week over at DPS, the assignment is "A Mistake."  It's the first time one is able to dig into their old files and find a picture that was a mistake but you like it anyway.  I had a few (who am I kidding??) I had LOTS to choose from :)  Not the "liking" part but the mistakes lol.  Normally I've been ruthless and delete most pictures that don't turn out because I refuse to be like in the old film days when you had your pictures developed and, for some unknown reason, kept every picture, even if it was a black photo (why did we do that?).

Anyway here's the two I chose:
Flowers in my garden, depth of field was way off for this one but I love the colours.



I narrowed it down to the hummingbird (wrong exposure, slow shutter speed, bad composition, etc.) but I'm having second thoughts, luckily I can change my submission up until the last day.  Any thoughts?


Anonymous said...

good photos ab

Bottom Feeder said...

your mistakes are better than my good ones!! I vote for the flowers, it's a nice composition of colors, who knows, somebody might do something like that intentionally!!

Moonshadow said...

Nothing wrong with that deer shot, she's posing nicely. I really like the flower. It looks like it's floating in the air. I like the first mistake, those are some bright colors.

DaviMack said...

Love the baby grouse! Truly! What textures! Have you looked back at your earlier pictures? Do they make you cringe? Well ... if so, awesome, you're doing it right. ;)