Saturday, July 11, 2009

Watch what and when I say things

I'm in the bathroom scrubbing down the walls in the bathtub when my 6 year old Jevan toodles in. Our conversation goes as follows:

"Whatcha doin' Mama?" he asks.

I reply "Scrubbing down the walls in the bathtub," thinking isn't it obvious? because he can clearly see what I'm doing.

Holding the toilet seat up, he then says "I have to poo... or maybe pee?" more as a question than a statement.

I tell him "Well if you are going poo put the seat down and sit." Jevan has a habit of lifting lid & seat and then sitting on the bare porcelain.

"Naaaah I'm just going pee Mama."

After he's done and flushed, I grab the toilet brush to give him a quick lesson in swooshing the toilet out (the boy has to learn). I tell him to lift up the brush, give it a bit of a shake, and stick it inside the bowl. As I'm doing this I tell him "Contrary to what your Daddy thinks I wasn't put on this earth to scrub toilets and everyone should do it after they use the toilet."

He agrees (because he always agrees with me) and suddenly from behind me I hear him say "Oh hi Daddy."

I turn around and Hubby is leaning on the bathroom door... head shaking, eyes rolling. I didn't realize he was back from town but did tell him he really shouldn't sneak around the house!

And the following picture in no way reflects how my Hubby sometimes leaves the bathroom:
The Barnyard

Pork Chop & Ham-let have moved into the chicken coop at night and seem to be fitting right in with the gals. I've been pitting and drying cherries and they get the bad ones, I hope there's lots of nutrition in them because they would rather eat the cherries than their hog feed.


Little Ol' Liz said...

Oh yummmm -- piggies that make their own Cherry Sauce!

And you're right about all house dwellers -- they need to swish and pick up after themselves!

Anonymous said...

Teach them Those pigs look like they have been scrubbed. Nice and pink and clean.

Anonymous said...

Those cherries look good. I didn't get any on my trees this year. Lucky pigs....Ab

Anonymous said...


Jevan is such a hoot...LOL He sure keeps you on your toes....More info for that book you should write.LOL...Pat

Baking Soda said...

i hear an echo... that's what I say all the time! Including the: I am the only woman in this house and I always sit down to pee, sooooo???