Monday, July 6, 2009

A river trip, a record broken

It's that time of year when we start spending weekends at the river. We usually start out with a set net because, not only is it a big job setting up the gill net, but with the high water you get lots of sticks and logs coming down.

Hubby, the kids, and I all jump into the truck and we meet up with Hubby's brother, Doug, and nephew, Mikey. In all my years married to Hubby (15.5) I've never seen anyone around here catch a salmon with the set net. As a kid I used to fish with my cousins much farther up the Fraser and we caught many a fish this way. My twin brother and I did all the cleaning and they did the fishing. At the end of the day we'd pack the fish in gunny sacks, flip them on our backs and start the long trek up the hill to my Aunt & Uncle's house. Gosh that's going on 35 years ago!

Well we don't want to talk about how old we are so let's get back to the subject at hand :)

While we're down there I take some random shots not expecting anyone to catch anything... why break a 15 year record?

First there's Jevan and faithful Blue.

Blue & Jevan

Then I show Sydney how it's neat to write in the sand.

Sweet Sydney

Then Hubby calls me over to the rock. Now I find watching someone with a set net about exciting as watching paint dry. Thirty-five years ago it was exciting because the fish would almost jump into the net, but over the years one gets a bit bored when nothing is caught.

Here's Doug waiting... exciting eh?

Doug waiting...

Before I could put my camera down, Doug JUMPS up and, lo and behold, a FISH! One has to be quick because the fish can swim in and out of the net in the blink of an eye.

Caught one!

Yes my record is broken! Doug has caught a fish!

His prize :)

Mikey happens to have his knife handy and quickly guts and cleans it.

Mikey cleaning

And Doug was kind enough to give me the fish :)

A nice way to cook a salmon is:

Baked Salmon
Fillet it. (Click here to watch a Youtube video on how to do that)
Line a cookie sheet with tinfoil and spray a touch of cooking spray (Pam) on it.
Combine salad dressing (Miracle Whip) with mayonnaise (Hellman's). Or one of them if you don't have both.
Spread mixture with a spatula over fillets.
Sprinkle lots of soy sauce over.
Shake dried dill weed over both fillets.
Cook for about 25 minutes at 350 degrees.

Makes for a very moist fish with a touch of sauce. Very good :)


Bottom Feeder said...

Hey! you're muscling in on my foodie territory!! Just kidding. Sounds like a good recipe. Unfortunately, my fresh caught salmon come from Superfresh. I am constantly amazed how you find time between kids, pigs, and various critters to do this every day.. Keep it up!

Moonshadow said...

Wonderful pictures as always! Looks like a good way to relax and refresh.

Anonymous said...

Pat Boone wrote in the sand. Remember the love letters he wrote in the sand. Tell Sydney about it. ab

Anonymous said...

Looks like a nice relaxing day and you get dinner out of it as well. How lucky!:)

jackie said...

What a lucky time to have the camera at hand! And the shots of Jevan and Sydney are great!

Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed our pictures so much. National Geographic has a section where they display peoples photos . You should send your photos to them .Gail