Sunday, September 6, 2009


Last night Hubby and I decided to go down to the river. Earlier in the day he had seen a large black bear and I was hoping to take pics of it. We were gone for about an hour or so and when we came back we were in for a horrible shock. Meegie, our almost 15 year old chihuahua had been under the truck when we left and was lying in the driveway when we returned. She is now buried beside her daughter Annie, who died only two months ago, and her husband Spike who passed on a few years ago. The "three Amigo's" are all back together and my heart aches for each one of them.

Meegie (short for Amigo) was born on Jan 2 1995 in a nasty dog farm and I always think that I was so lucky to have taken her from such a horrific place. She was "my" dog for quite a few years until we lost our faithful Blue Heeler, Bud, to cancer and then she sort of took a shine to Hubby. I think she sensed he needed someone and that someone was her. If he was out on the fields running a tractor she would turn up running alongside him, he got so worried about her that he built a box on the hood and she'd ride up there all day with him. He then had to rig up a beach umbrella so she would have shade... oh the things he did for her :)

Meeg and her daughter Tacobell (born the same time as Annie) riding on the hood of the tractor back in 2002.

Meegie & Tacobell 2002

Looking much younger Meegie sits beside the camp fire up at the landing.

Meegie camping

As old as she was, and stone deaf, Meeg loved climbing the rocks at the river, just three nights previous we were down there and she was by our side. A few years ago we got all the way back to the house and realized Meeg wasn't with us! You want to see us scramble to get back down there, visions of coyotes attacking her came to mind. Hubby and I flew down in the truck and there she was, right where we load up the truck sitting and waiting. I don't know who was happier, her or us, but from that day on we always did a dog "count" :)
A picture of Meeg at the river taken last year.

Meegie at the River

I'll miss you girl, give a hug to Annie and Spike for me and I'll see you again :)


Anonymous said...

I feel so sad you you Kansas, this post broyght tears to my eyes. Our dogs are family!
take care

Moonshadow said...

It's always so sad when they leave us. They become such a part of our lives. May she be joyfully riding tractors in the hereafter.

Anonymous said...


I'm sitting here with tears running down my face...what a beautiful tribute to a very special dog....Take care my friend..Pat

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry Kansas.. Just to much to handle ab

tanita davis said...

Oh, Kansas, I'm so sorry. What an awful year for you and your pooches.

jackie said...

So sorry for the loss of yet another treasured companion. But like you said, they are all together again.

Kansas A said...

Thank you all for your kind words. Meegie made quite an impact on my life, and Hubby's as well, the "Meegster" will be sadly missed.

DaviMack said...

I'm sorry you've lost her, Kansas. My sister had the same thing happen to her, where her dog had gone to sleep underneath the truck. Why they do it is beyond me, unless it's a bit warmer next to the radiator or something, and keeps them out of the rain?