Monday, September 7, 2009

Ducks at the pond

Every year the ducks fly in, hang around all summer, and then fly off.  We have two ponds on the ranch and they make their rounds to both.  Yesterday Sydney and I sauntered down to one of the ponds and I took some pics of them.

If you'd like this picture for your computer desktop (without the watermark), and have a widescreen monitor, you can download it at:  (I'm trying out a new storage site because I'm pretty sure my old one has gone down, bare with me until I get all the links changed at my blog)  I've also had to add "word verification" to my comments section because someone keeps posting a Chinese or Japanese (I can't tell the difference) comment almost every single day at my Lillooet Fire post.  I'm thinking it's computer generated and I have no idea what the comment translates into so either give up or please post in English or even your own tongue with the translation underneath and I'll be happy to post it.

Ducks at the pond

Another couple of pics:

Ducks at the pond

Ducks at the pond

For the complete set of duck pictures (11) visit my flickr site.
I've almost got my new computer all set up and it feels as if it took forever!  The biggest programs are all installed and I'm down to just tweaking it now.  I have yet to get to my laptop, I need to uninstall major programs and use it for when I'm travelling, but when time allows I'll get to it :)
The kids are back to school tomorrow and Hubby should be starting work this week (fingers crossed 'cause don't ya think when the kids head back Hubby's should too??)  Oh shoot, that reminds me, I've got pants for Jevan that I've got to get hemmed and elastic put in... Happy Labour Day for us up in Canada and Happy Labor Day for my American friends :)


Bonnie said...

Back to school eh!!! Now you will have some time alone!!ab

DaviMack said...

I've always wondered at the difference between actual "labor" and this ethereal "labour" thing you guys have. Is it ... like, less work? ;)

Anonymous said...

I love the duck picture on my desktop. It is so perfect!