Monday, September 28, 2009

World Rivers Day

Yesterday, Sydney and I attended World Rivers Day.  A day started in BC and now celebrated in over 30 countries.  Kumsheen Rafting Resort power rafts the big rapids between Big Horn (Spences Bridge) and Lytton, stopping to pick up garbage and debris along the way.  The trip is free of charge for the youth in Lytton.

Sydney and her classmates at Spences Bridge.  Sydney is fourth in from the left.

World Rivers Day

Waiting in the boat and maybe a tad nervous? :)

In the boat!

Stopping for lunch at Nicomen.  Wet as a fish but happy as a clam!

Stopping for lunch

The creeks and rivers are swollen with spawing fish.

Thompson River fish

Doreen picks up a live one!

Doreen picks up a live one!

Coming through "The Frog."  Sydney is fourth from the front facing me.  This was scary to watch!

Sydney having a blast!

Gettin' Wet!  The screams from the boat could be heard up on the highway!

Getting Wet!

At least six kayakers were on the river.  I met this fellow, Bert, when he came up to his truck.

Kyaking on the Thompson

While at Kumsheen I stopped and took a pic of Sydney's shadow on a teepee.  I've entered it in the weekly DPS assignment: Shadows.

Her Heritage

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Anonymous said...

What a fabulous time they are having and a beautiful job they are doing. The Thompson River is so amazingly clear and to see the fish like that is awesome. I'm coming with a rod..ab

Oma said...

Loved seeing the pictures of Sydney. My beautiful blessed Grandaughter. I love you loads. Great pictures Kansas!

Love Ya!

tanita davis said...

What an absolute blast - screaming kids, sun, and water. School looks like it's going to be awesome for Syd this year.

DaviMack said...

Funny: is Bert wearing a noseplug? I guess you'd have to, getting turned all upside-down, but ... it sure makes him look odd!

Great shots!

In that first one, I had to do a double-take, 'cause I thought that the girl second-from-left was Sydney ... but then she didn't look right. Who told Syd to hide behind somebody else?

jackie said...

They look like they had a blast! I know that my kids would have loved to do something like that. Sydney is really lucky to have such an adventure avaliable to her.

Anonymous said...

Wow you're photos are amazing!!!!One of my friends is now checking them out on Flickr cos he thinks they are brill!!
Tracey (Northernlass1)