Sunday, September 20, 2009


You buy a 10 foot counter and cabinets and end up throwing up a 16'x10' room... who would have thought?  I had no intentions of adding on, yet another room, to our house but what is one to do with all the coats, boots, and miscellaneous stuff that is in the spot where the counter goes?  Currently my counter and cabinets are in the back of my pickup, in our driveway, calling my name, but unfortunately we won't get it all installed until next weekend.  Please don't think that I have this immaculate country house where everything is finished.  I barely have walls, have learned to love plywood floors, and putting up another room doesn't even involve drywall ;)

On Friday I zipped over to Kamloops to pick up the counter and cabinets.  It was supposed to be all ready at the cabinet place with a one stop pick up.  Things never work out that way tho' do they?  I had already done all my shopping trying to blow time because they needed the counter for just "one more hour."  In the end I was sitting in the truck, in the parking lot, in the HEAT for an hour and a half... so "all ready in the morning" turned into 3:00 PM.  On the way home I stopped and checked my load five times... the first time the strap had come off, don't ever think that when someone straps something into the back of your truck that it's all secure.  The next four times I was just being cautious but when one has gone through what I have for this damn counter one tends to guard it like it was her first born :)

Yesterday we got quite a bit done on the new room.  Tom, a friend of the family, is putting up this room.  Usually we have Robert, my Mom's spouse, do everything but Mom and Robert are in the middle of moving!  Yup, after 25 years in Nanaimo, they are heading for Kamloops.  I'm really excited about Mom and Robert being four hours closer to us with no ferry in between!  It will be nice to spend the weekend with them and for them to come here for a few days but I'll miss Nanaimo and all my Aunts that live there too.

The fires around here have died down and Hubby is no longer working our machine.  Next week he'll be back to being gone from Monday to Friday and only home on weekends.  With the kids back in school I'm looking forward to some "quiet" time again.  I've done a fair amount of canning and the season is coming to an end.  The weeds have taken over my garden big time and the other day a banty hiding in the weeds hatched out 12 chicks.  She was sitting on 14 eggs and I told Sydney to fling the two dud eggs over the fence since it had been a few days after the last one hatched.  Well when she picked up the two eggs one of them went "peep, peep."  It was a pretty hot day so I told her to leave the egg in the nest and see if the little chick hatched.  When the sun went down, and it started to cool, I ended up pulling the shell apart and out plopped one very tiny chick.  We kept it in the house for a few hours and then slipped it under the banty Mama that night, but the next morning I could see it wasn't doing to well.  So for the next few days I had the chick in the house during the day and kept putting it under it's Mama for the night.  The chick quickly learned to follow me around the house, even running after me when I went to the bathroom!  If I got to far out of sight the peeping was extremely loud, so I would tap my foot and little "chick chick" would come a running :) The little gaf is now full time with it's Mama.

Well I've still got taping to do and more stuff to organize so I'd best git at 'er.  Oh did I mention that I'm sporting a bruise on my forehead?  Lesson learned; don't stand under Hubby, holding plastic for him, when he has the wacker tacker in hand stapling insulation to the ceiling!  Ouch!

I'll leave you with a picture of the clouds on our way to the river the other night.  The photo has had a MCP action applied and I used it in this week's DPS assignment: Contrast.

Clouds Contrast


Anonymous said...

You came back.!!!! We ripped the grape out and are putting a roof over the patio. renovations happening here too. You can still visit your aunts in Nanaimo. They all have big houses with spare bedrooms ab

jackie said...

No Friggin WAY! That photo is so amazing! It looks like an airbrush painting!
Good luck getting the new room done!
I'm glad that canning season is coming to a close. Unfortunately, I have no where near the amount set up as I did last year. The weather just wasn't cooperating.

DaviMack said...

That's quite a surreal cloud you've got there! We need to get you into playing around with HDR - I think you'd like it.

Glad you're getting some time to yourself. Another 3 months and I'll come up for air....

Diana said...

wowza cool picture! But where's the pics of the first born?? (aka countertop)... and the chick!

I would think that is a crazy house what with the walls going up, the ole man beating on you and the chick following you to the can... :) that doesn't include the real kids involvment... anyways - LOVE IT!!!

Sam said...

That photo is so amazing! it looks like it was created by an artist. I guest it was by the ultimate artist!