Sunday, October 18, 2009

A boy and his hat

This afternoon, while out searching for the perfect "Window" shot, Jevan and I spot the horses across the field.  He quickly begs "Mama, Mama, can I run over and see Cinnamon?"

"Sure go ahead" I reply.

Off he runs as quickly as he can.  Within seconds his hat, actually Dallas' old cowboy hat, is spinning off his head and heading for the ground.

Lost my hat!

He screeches to a halt and places his hat as tightly as he can, there's tons of poop on the field and he doesn't want it to end up green.

Putting it back on

With both hands holding it down he darts off again.

Running again

Things appear to stay put and he's almost made it over to the horses.

Almost there :)

Bliss for a boy... hat on head, horses at hand :)

Made it!

Back in the barn corral I see one of the white horses standing by the old maple tree.  It's amazing this old tree is still growing but it hangs on year after year.  I think this shot looks like something out of a fantasy book and Sydney said I should clone a horn on the horse so it looks like a unicorn... I think I'll leave that up to the imagination.


As I was saying earlier Jevan and I were looking for the perfect "Window" shot.  That's this weeks assignment over at DPS "try to make a window appear interesting."  Did you know that trying to photograph a still six year old is impossible?  Yup you might as well try brain surgery because you'd have better luck.  I took a few shots of Jevan and most were blurry or he is looking pretty uninterested.

Take this one for instance:

Are we done yet?

Oh the excitement screams from his face ;) I'd show you the others but who wants to see blurry pics?

I'm getting frustrated and losing patience... hey I never said I was the perfect Mother :)  But then my highly photogenic loves her picture taken and will do whatever I want daughter comes along.  If you only have sons I feel for ya 'cause daughters always try to please their mother's no matter what.... well until they hit the age of 14 and then they don't get their brains back until they're about 25... really.

So where was I?  Oh yeah, looking for that perfect Window shot.  Scouring the ranch I find a window intact, a rare thing!  Ooooo the excitement, lol.  I tell Sydney to stand in the window, look out, snap about 10 pictures, and I have, what I think, is a great shot.  Yup thank goodness for daughters :)


For more pictures visit my flickr site.



camisgirl said...

I really like the picture of your son... It has that look of distrust like "we don't get many strangers in these here parts"...

Moonshadow said...

Wonderful shots! Great to see the clouds in the mountains instead of smoke. I agree about the white horse, it really needs a golden horn. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes that is the perfect window shot of Sydney.. Jevan is so growing big. ab

DaviMack said...

Some awesome pictures, Kansas. Love the pic of the hat rolling away! :)

Hobo Mama said...

You definitely made both windows interesting! I love the light on your daughter's face.

Oma said...

Love the pictures of the kids. But! I just see that window and think "Where's the Windex!" lol

Kansas A said...

Yes Mom (Oma) but you'd be wiping away about 50 years of build up!

we3kids said...

I look at your blog often just to see your beautiful pictures! Just had to leave a comment saying that before I read your text, I looked at the pictures and thought that the white horse needed an unicorn also!

daisy2214 said...

wow Kansas,,you take the best photos ive ever ever seen,for an amateur photographer!!
they're just amazing!! you should be so proud!!!LOVE IT!!!