Thursday, October 8, 2009

You know it's cold....

Brrrrr.... it's getting colder out there!  I took these pics after dropping the kids off at the bus this morning.

Icicles on the fence

Icicles on the fence

Icicles on the fence

Pops still has the pipes on the fields and every morning for the last few it's been like this.  Another sure sign of winter is the cows coming home and there's quite a few in already.

Other news:  Dally is having another baby!  Yes I'm shaking my head too :)  She is due in May so her kids will be 17 months apart... she sure didn't take after me :)  Between Dallas and Jevan there's 19 years with Sydney in between.  If you asked me having two kids in diapers at the same time is a scary thing... I hope she has fun LOL!

Yesterday I whipped down to Abbotsford to pick up Aunty Helen, but this time instead of being by myself Grandma tagged along.  Hubby is working about an hour out of Hope so I stopped in at his motel and dropped off a parcel for him.  Unfortunately our schedules are different and I didn't get to see him but he'll be home on Friday.  It was a beautiful drive down with the sun shining all the way there and back.

My kitchen counter is coming along nicely and I have running water at my new sink... yaaaaa!  Such little things get me excited but asked any woman what it's like to have no running water, heck no kitchen sink, all weekend and see how she feels ;)  A few more days and I think Tom will be finished... well as finished as things can be for this house :)

One last picture today...  As always the dogs jump in with me every morning to head up to the bus (the bus is no longer coming down the driveway), the ride is so short I don't know why they bother but I guess it's faithfulness.  Anyway here's Doolittle waiting in the back of the truck for me.

To see more pics at my flickr site click any picture.


Anonymous said...

When did dolittle joing the fam? BRRRR it looks to cold for me. Planted my garlic yesterday but we haven't had frost yet.

Moonshadow said...

We're suppose to have frost down here tomorrow. Yesterday I went out and picked all my green tomatoes and whatever else I could find that might be edible. You will show us pictures of your new improved kitchen, won't you?

Mikey said...

Congratulations! You're going to be a grandma again! That's so exciting!!

t said...

Oh, sheesh, my sister did the same thing Dally's doing; frankly, I think it just means you'll be grumpy and sleep-deprived for several YEARS, but in another way it's nice for the kids to be close in age (theoretically) and it gets it all over with at once. I guess.

No frost here yet, just endless rain; I almost think frost would be easier to bear!

Anonymous said...

Brrrrrrrrrr Looks cold is right.