Sunday, November 1, 2009

Last Week

Did you turn your clocks back last night?  Why is it that whenever the clocks are turned back or ahead, for weeks afterward, I always calculate what the time would have been?  I wish I lived where my brother does; Ft. St. John, they never change their clocks and are forever stuck in daylight saving time :)  The only complaint, he says, is it really screws up his PVR on his satellite system :)

I was out and about taking pics last week and I'll post a few.

First one is "Autumn Leaves" on a trip down to the river.  Fishing is officially over and we hustled our biscuits down there to grab our rope strung across the back eddy where we fish.  We have to hide the rope when we get home because if Pops finds it he'll use it everywhere on the ranch, bits and pieces all over, and we'll have to buy new next year ;)

Autumn on the river (by KansasA)

There were two assignments for DPS.  The first one was "Spooky or Scary" and I had a hard time choosing between two pictures of Sydney.  I went with the scary one.  Jevan was going to be the wizard in school until I got a notice on Wednesday that the kids weren't allowed to wear masks in school.  I didn't know this and the odd thing is Sydney has been going to the school for seven years and I just find that out??  We scrambled for a different Halloween costume for him, using Sydney's from last year, although the hat comes down right over his head but it worked out anyway.  Sydney wore her scary mask and won "Best Halloween Costume" for intermediate grade so maybe it's okay for the older kids to wear masks.

Halloween Costumes (by KansasA)

Halloween Costumes (by KansasA)

The second assignment was "Architectural Detail" and Sydney and I headed for the barn.  This picture may not fit the bill because it's not much for detail and that's what they are looking for.  The barn was probably built about 150 years ago, no one seems to know the exact date, and it's too bad someone from back then didn't etch a date into one of the planks.  The beams are all put together with wooden dowels and you'd be hard pressed to find a nail anywhere.  The length of time the barn has been standing shows how the placement of the beams have held their strength over the years.  I often wonder how long it took to build because it was all hand tools and hard work back then.

Architectural (by KansasA)

Last night we had a Halloween party at the house.  Hubby lit a bonfire and hotdogs, marshmallows, and hot chocolate filled our tummies to the brim!  Sydney did the pumpkin carving while I shuddered everytime she jabbed one of my long kitchen knives into the face of the pumpkin.  I bought a pumpkin carving kit a few years ago but, as usual, we can't find it.  My kitchen is so unorganized that it's a wonder I can find anything in there... but it's getting better.

Sydney carving the Pumpkin! (by KansasA)

Another pumpkin pic (by KansasA)

This morning, while having coffee at the kitchen table, Hubby spotted a few Canada Geese in the field.  Grabbing my camera I head out the door but those geese were so skittish they flew off when I got too close.  Sydney and I followed them down to the pond where we lost sight of them pretty quickly.  I'm sure they'll turn up again soon, and next time I think I'll sink down to my tummy and crawl up to them... yeesh the things photographers have to do to get "wild" pictures :)

Geese (by KansasA)

Geese (by KansasA)

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DaviMack said...

You've been tweaking your blog template! Your post column is much wider! I like it! It gives you so much more, in terms of picture real estate. :)

And, of course: great shots, please keep them coming!

Bonnie said...

And a great Halloween was had by all ab

diana said...

we have a gazillion phesants. the cats have caught two this year, but only females, I was hoping they would catch a male with their beautiful feathers - but they are smarter than the hens - I can't seem to get good pics of them either, they are quick! Love the leaves and the barn too.

Bottom Feeder said...

I dunno, there's just something not right about a ghoul with a chef's knife....dagger, yes. Serrated blade, no..;-)

Happy Halloween!!

oh, ps, as a birder, the thought of crawling on my tummy in a place where geese have been brings to mind some unpleasant thoughts...anything for your craft, guess...

Bonnie said...

how is the new kitchen coming along? any photos as its being remodelled? ab

Oma said...

Such a beautiful picture of Sydney
Love Ya!