Monday, November 9, 2009

My internet is broken!

A quick note to everyone who reads my blog: My internet is broken!!  Well technically it's my satellite dish but until Friday (possibly Saturday) I am on a slooooow dial-up connection (half the speed of normal dial-up) so this means limited blogging, facebook, flickr (pictures), email, windows live, etc., etc.  I did upload some new pictures yesterday, just before it went down, and if you'd like to see them you can do so at flickr:

It would take me forever to post pictures into this post (but I'm going to try one) so I'll let you know there's a few pictures of Canada geese, Jevan in the "fantasy tree," and others.  This time I did manage to get some close-ups of the geese by laying on my belly and crawling along until I realized I was not going to get any closer.  Why you ask?  Because I discovered Blue and Jumbo standing behind me... what is it with my dogs??  At least I never have to worry about being attacked by anyone, or anything, because they stick to me like glue!  Things went from bad to worse when I stood up and saw that I had slithered through cow poop... yes yesterday was not a good day... not at all.

This message also gets posted from my blog to my facebook account under "notes" and most of you already know what is going on, hi all my facebook friends and family (hand waving)!! :)

Well until Friday :)

Here's one of the pics of the Canada geese:

Canada Geese



Anonymous said...

What happened to the telescope lens? Beautiful Canada Geese.

DaviMack said...

Amazing, how the internet breaks, isn't it? It's as if they just don't understand how important it is! ;)

Kansas A said...

I am using my telephoto lens, but those darn geese don't let ya get too close :)