Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Mug Pouch

Okay I “scraplifted” this from another site, the The Frugal Crafter, and I have to say she has some excellent stuff over there! :)  Yup I’m learning the lingo as I carry on with my Cricut. LOL  I actually just grabbed the freely available .svg file and then sized it, cut it, and decorated it to my liking.
Cricut Mug for Xmas
When I get to the grocery store I’ll pick up some cinnamon sticks to stick in with the apple cider.  I’m thinking of getting some hot chocolate pouches and maybe a candy cane too.
I’ve uploaded the scut file (works with Sure Cuts A Lot Version 2 or SCAL for short) here.  Two mugs will be cut on one sheet of 12x12 paper.
This design cuts as one piece but I found it not quite sturdy enough and I also didn’t like the back of the Christmas tree paper, so I “flipped” the design and cut another set to paste together.  If you only want to make one mug then flip the bottom one on the scut file before cutting, or delete it if you want to use different paper.  I then used the Cuttlebug to emboss the back and handle.  Fold the front over and glue.  I tied a ribbon onto the handle and I also glued ribbons on other ones I made.
I like this design for not only Christmas, but “Tea for Two” with two teabags inside, or if someone has a cold/flu a pouch of Neo Citron with “Get Well Soon” or a “Cup a Soup” pouch… the ideas are endless! :)


Moonshadow said...

Wonderful ideas! Great gifts. Love seeing what you've done. Keep posting your new creations. :)

Anonymous said...

Crafty Ideas!

Anonymous said...


I would say that there is NO stopping you now...You really seem to have the hang of that machine now..I never had a doubt..Really well done...Pat

Anonymous said...

those are adorable! love the tea idea! I sent my Grandma the link! :) awesome ideas Kans! ~Diana

JustYolie said...

These came out great!!

Anonymous said...

Such great ideas Love the neo and tea one. ab

Anonymous said...

Great gift!

Dora Renee' Wilkerson said...

I am so glad to here that you have a Cricut too. :)

I just downloaded Make the Cut the other night! I am working on some Star Wars stuff for my son (I am always making stuff for Bri so it's time to make something for Corey..)

Oh, I just seen your fudge post too. I am going to make it. I can't wait to try it...

Dora Renee' Wilkerson