Friday, December 11, 2009

Simple & Quick Santa Ornaments

Last night I created a four page SCAL (Sure Cuts a Lot) file to make it really simple and quick to cut out Santa Ornaments, you’ll do four at a time!  Today I cut everything out and put them together.
Santa Christmas Ornaments
I didn't have the cartridges from Provocraft so I had to improvise in SCAL :)
Download the file by clicking here.  I created it using SCAL Version 2.0.
White glitter paper (I used one 12x12 sheet from Martha Stewart’s Holidays Multimedia Pad to make eight Santa Ornaments) Cut using MAX pressure!
Red paper for hat and nose
Cream paper for face
4 background circles 4 inches
4 smaller circles 3.5 inches  (Can be all the same or mix and match)
Pink ink for cheeks (I used a small make-up sponge and mixed red and white together)
Black fine tip marker for eyes
Pop up dots
Cut everything out.  You’ll do four at a time.  Run the 4 inch background circles through the Cuttlebug.  Glue the cream face behind the Santa beard with the top sticking above.  Glue the white band and pompom to the hat.  Glue the red nose to the moustache.  Set all that aside to dry.
Cut your ribbon, about 5-6 inches.  Glue to background circle.  Glue the smaller circle so the ribbon is sandwiched between.
Apply pinkish cheeks to Santa’s face.  Glue all the parts from Santa together.  When applying the moustache I glued only the nose so the ends of the moustache would stick up a bit.  Use a fine tip black marker to make Santa’s eyes.  Apply two pop up dots to the back of the Santa and place on the circles.
Santa Christmas Ornament
At first I was using a punch to create a hole in the top before gluing the ribbon in behind.
Santa Christmas Ornament
The pop up dots made Santa stand out.
Santa Christmas Ornament

Thanks to Shari over at Flickr for the idea!


Vickie said...

Hey Kansas, These are so cute! I will have to remember them and come back. I'm going to start next year's list in January and work on things all year long. Right now the kitchen table is covered in snowflakes made out of popsicle sticks and hopefully tomorrow they will be dried so we can put the fake snow on them. That's one of the things Colin is putting in his bag of goodies for his classmates.

Oh was reading on down and that science project is a really good project.

Take Care :)

Anonymous said...

Kansas...Those look GREAT!!!!

tanita davis said...

Hey, you're making the rest of us look bad, with this sudden burst of creativity, lady...

Those are SO cute.


Anonymous said...

Simple and Quick I dont think so ab

nikina said...

they are sooo cute !!! we made some christmas ornaments too today...i wish i had more time to do stuff liek that !!! yours turned out great !!!

Anonymous said...

What an adorable ornament!!!!!

JustYolie said...

These are sooo cute!!