Sunday, December 27, 2009

Never again

I say it every time, yup, every single time!  You would think after 16 years (it’s our anniversary today) of being married to my Hubby I would know better but he got me again this year!!

I am standing off to the side with my hands shaking, camera & lens filled with snow, freezing body, out of breath, hair turned white, and have even lost the rubber frame off my eye piece!!  Why oh why do I let him talk me into getting on the back with him?

You would think having my camera slung over my shoulder he would keep it reasonable but nope.  Instantly I’m trying to get the camera into my coat, it’s banging on my leg, filling up with snow and ice, my hat goes flying off… I’m gripped onto Hubby so tight my fingers are starting to hurt… all I can think is “oh joy this is fun” and I don’t mean that in a nice way!  At the first sign of stopping I’m flying off the beast of the machine, gripping the ground like I haven’t touched it in a year, throwing curse words out like one throws garbage off the back porch!  Twenty-four hours later every time I reach for my coffee cup my arms ache… I will remember this!


The man does not know the word: SLOW!  It’s flat out, screaming across the field… not only the snowmobile but also me screaming “STOP, I WANT OFF!”  My life is quickly flashing before my eyes and he calmly informs me that we are going 70 miles per hour, who in their right mind goes 70 on a snowmobile??  Only a man who runs a skidder for “fun.”


Well there’s one person who enjoys it…


I walked most of the route we took looking for my missing rubber frame eyepiece and had no luck finding it… Hubby bought me a new one online and said it was worth it to hear me scream.  MEN!!



Anonymous said...

I'm still laughing...I can just picture you LOL..Sydney sure looks happy!!!!!Pat

Moonshadow said...

Oh... I am Sooo sorry. I'm so glad you can't hear me. I really shouldn't be laughing, should I? But Sydney's smile and twinkle in her eyes says it all. How FUN!!!

Anonymous said...

congratulations on your 16th. Lots of snow there now eh!! Looks like fun. That wlll keep you young Kansas...ab

jackie said...

I used to have fun doing things like that waaaaaay before kids, but these days, NO WAY! Better you than me! ;-)
And congratulations on 16 years!

Balsamroots said...

Congrats!! nice shot of the old man :) Sydney looks soooo happy!!!!

tanita davis said...

Oh, yeah, I'd be sitting that one out, too. 70 mph?! Is the man mad??

At least Syd had fun. She looks lovely.