Tuesday, December 29, 2009

No hotdog buns? No problem, we have marshmallows!

I swore I had a package of hotdog buns in the freezer but when I went to look for them, they were gone, and I have a sneaky suspicion Jevan is the culprit.  On Christmas Eve I had just baked seven loaves of bread, but bread is just not right with wieners, although Hubby feels different, but who’s the boss? :)  So we had a bonfire with no hotdogs because I’m sure marshmallows are in the food group somewhere. ;)

Sydney with sticky marshmallow all over her lips.


A few months ago Hubby piled a bunch of wood up near the top of the driveway.  It’s either rotten, too gnarly, or too big for the woodstove when we have so much other wood available, so we saved it for a big burn.


The sun was shining and, for the end of December, the weather wasn’t bad.  Jevan circled the fire more times than I can count, it’s a boy thing, ‘cause Sydney was quite content to stick to one side.


Teddy enjoys the heat!


Normally I wouldn’t put this picture up, but do you see that little bit of dark on the top left corner?  Yeah that’s my mitt trying to cover up the glaring sun because I’m missing the rubber eye piece frame on my camera… and we all know what happened to that now don’t we? …growl…


The fire is starting to throw a lot of heat and Jevan is keeping his distance.


The flames dance and flicker while bits of burnt wood start raining around us.


The kids and I head over to where Hubby has piled up the stumps, it’s much cooler over there.


It’s gonna be a bit before this fire is out.




JustYolie said...

Gorgeous pictures! Your kids are cuties! How fun to have a bon fire in winter!!

Anonymous said...

I love weiner roasts and no need for buns. Now that would be a way to bring in the newyear ab