Sunday, January 10, 2010

A quiet Sunday walk with pics…

Sydney and I awoke to a very quiet house this morning.  Way before I got out of bed, Hubby and Jevan headed off to work for the day and won’t be back until suppertime.

Sydney and I took the opportunity to bundle up and head out the door, cameras in hand, to take pictures around the Ranch.

I have no idea what the name of this horse is but was taken aback with the white of his eyelashes!  Sydney said “Wow Mama if it was snowing we never would have seen this horse!”

White, white, white (by KansasA)

Walking the field up from Grandma & Pops’ house, we see the view looking towards Lytton.  There’s an electric fence between us and the cows so they don’t wander over to the driveway.  I never tire of this view and I find there’s always something to look at, whether it’s the swirl of clouds, a colourful rainbow, flashes of lightning, pink sky morning or night… yup always something going on down this way.

Towards Lytton (by KansasA)

Getting to the top of the field we turn around and who’s following us?  Jumbo!  Most times he stays in the house because I’m sure his little paws get pretty chilly… but maybe the house was just too quiet with all of us gone?

Sydney & Jumbo (by KansasA)

Remember the huge bonfire we had around New Years?  It’s all out now and there’s not much left!

Fire long out (by KansasA)

We head back down the driveway and decide to check in with the other horses.  We already have an apple quartered up and tucked into a Ziploc bag.  We stop at the coral and see a lone horse.  Pops takes in horses for the winter from folks in town so a lot of these horses I don’t have a clue what their names are… no matter, they still like apples. :)

Eating an apple (by KansasA)

With each year that passes, the Mossy Shack gets worse and worse and I fear the roof is going to cave in soon.

The Mossy Shack (by KansasA)

Even the fence rails aren’t safe from bugs and need to be replaced on occasion.

Eating the rails (by KansasA)

Woody sneaks a peak around the rail, most likely sniffing out the apples we have. :)

Woody close-up (by KansasA)

As we walk by the barn Sydney can’t resist climbing the hay bales, “Hey Mama take my picture!!”

Barn pic (by KansasA)

Time to head back up to the house and Sydney has to give one last pet as we pass by the coral again.  The deck you see in the background is Grandma’s house.

Sydney and the horse (by KansasA)

The last picture I took this morning is of Sydney.  She was going to sit on our little tractor but there was way too much snow and opted to stand instead.

On the tractor (by KansasA)

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Moonshadow said...

I don't have ONE favorite of the pictures today, I really like the white horse against the white snow, your sky scene and the black horse. My granddaughters would agree (and be totally jealous of Sydney) about the horse pictures. :)

Anonymous said...

Love the white horse pic in the snow. I like a nice peace filled walk. Enjoyed the story.

Love Ya!

Anonymous said...

I would never tire of that picturesque scenery either. Is that a wringer washing machine in front of the shack? I remember buying a brand new one when I first got married. I used it until my fourth baby out grew diapers then graduated to the automatic washer. The white horse is magnificent. ab

Anonymous said...

The white horse in the snow is beautiful. I do like the one of Sydney and Jumbo. They are all so well done. Great photography as always. I enjoy them all.

Mikey said...

Sydney's really growing up before our eyes! She's beautiful! Love this post, love taking a walk with you guys and Jumbo :) Amazing place to live. Absolutely gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I love how you all cope in the hard weather,in the UK at the moment we have had snow for 3 weeks, everything comes to a standstill,no one can move their vehicles, people beetle around trying to find boots and hats in shops where only half the staff have made it in.I Love your horses with their big inquisitive noses.

jackie said...

Sydeny and Jevan are so lucky to be growing up surrounded by the life and beauty of your animals and area.