Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ranch Pics

This morning I wanted to submit a picture for this week’s DPS Landscape assignment but all I saw was fog rolling up from the Fraser River.  I took a few pics and then could see the fog quickly closing in around me… I acted fast and snapped what I could.

This is a view of The Hump field on the right and one of the stack yards somewhat in the middle.  This picture is the one I submitted to DPS.

Foggy morning (by KansasA)

After taking a few pictures I run through a “quick check” weeding out the ones I don’t like and marking the ones I do.  These are few I considered before I settled on the one above.

The Barn.

Barn in fog (by KansasA)

The top of a fence with the fog in the background.

Trees in the fog (by KansasA)

One of the first pictures I took was a feeder in the coral.  The fog is still in the distance and the sun is shining on my back.  The view is looking towards Lillooet.

Feeder (by KansasA)

After awhile the fog was so thick that it was pointless to keep shooting.  If you look closely in the photo above you’ll notice the top rails of the fence look different.  The horses like to chew on them, a term known as “cribbing.”  The reason is unknown but there are a ton of theories.  One of the last pictures I took shows a close-up of the rails, as well as you can see how thick the fog has become.  Teddy, Blue, and I head back to the house.

Fence (by KansasA)

Ever wonder how the horses and cows get water in the winter without it freezing?  C’mon I know you do… well maybe you do. :)  This is a livestock waterer.  The balls always keep the top sealed and the water comes in from below.  The animals can easily push the balls down with their noses and the balls will always center when they come back up.  Now you know. :)

Livestock Waterer (by KansasA)

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Moonshadow said...

We had fog here, too. It can certainly change the looks of the landscape. Interesting livestock waterer. Sure beats having to go out and break the ice constantly.

Anonymous said...

Nice scenery. Interesting how the cattle get their water and how they teeth on the fence. ab

Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures.

jackie said...

I have to say that I never thought about how the animals got their water in the winter! Our cows(bing of the short haired variety) spend most of the winter in the barns, but they have access to a small yard if they really want to go out. And amazingly, some of them do! Even on the coldest days.

JustYolie said...

G O R G E O U S ! !

Balsamroots said...

Yeah - fantastic shots Kans, so beautiful...even the cribbing pic...haha

Kristy said...

all your photos are amazing! Thank you for posting them.

-Kristy Elesko

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures. My favorites are the one you picked and the next one with the shack in it. They are great pic's. And we all learn something new everyday.
Thank you.

Love Ya and miss you lots.

Anonymous said...

You do not know me but I grew up on Rosebank ranch in my early childhood years and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing these wonderful stories and photos of your family and the ranch...we were there in September of 2008 and your family allowed us to go out to the family cemetery which we were so grateful for, as my grandfather, grandmother and my father are buried there. I have your blog on my favourites as you have brought back so many happy memories for me :-)

Kansas A said...

Wow, you grew up on the Ranch! I remember people coming out to visit the graveyard and Pops telling me "they have relatives in there." Which ones? Is there any chance you know who is where? We are doing a graveyard clean-up pretty soon, it's been quite a few years since the last one, and I'd like to mark the stones. I've been told Mona was the only one who knew where everyone was but now she's in there and I fear no one will remember who's where in a few years. Will you please email me if you have the information?