Sunday, January 3, 2010

Snowmobiling on the Ranch

Yesterday Hubby finished up his homemade sled.  He welded an old bus seat to a truck hood, tied a rope across it and attached it to the back of our snowmobile.  If you are a friend of mine on Facebook you’ve already seen all the pics but some people only follow my blog so I thought I’d better post some of the pictures here too.   

Here’s the kids heading out on their first ride.

First ride! (by KansasA)

After getting their faces pelted with snow, Daddy gives them Canadian Snowsuits… but Mama (me) cut air holes in them!

Then Daddy gave the kids Canadian Snowsuits... hmmm? (by KansasA)

Our good friend Tom was brave enough to go on.  Sydney now calls him Tom “Frost.”

Havin' a blast! (by KansasA)

Even Mikey’s dog, Sadie, got in on the action!  At the bottom that’s Mike’s dog, Pete, trying to catch a ride.

Mike's dog Pete tries to get in on the action! (by KansasA)

For the most part the kids were a blur going by.  They also left their bags back in the shop when we headed up to the field, so the two of them tried pulling their hats down over their faces.

Just a blur now.... (by KansasA)

But the funniest of all was when Sydney’s hat came off and she could see where she was going.


I cropped in a bit closer so you can see her face better.  Wow she’s not too impressed!  Call me a bad Mama ‘cause every time I see this picture I can’t help but burst out laughing!!  See that little ridge of snow immediately in front of the hood?

Somebody is mad at Daddy! (by KansasA)

Well I don’t think Sydney had her mouth open for long. :)

Close your mouth Sydney because it will fill up with snow!!! (by KansasA)

There’s quite a few pictures and if you’d like to see them all visit the Flickr set of Winter Fun:

I’ve also posted a two minute video at YouTube.  If you can’t view it at my blog click here to see it.


Anonymous said...

Happy new Year!! Now this looks like fun, well, if I was the one taking the pictures!! The kids look like they are having a blast!


Balsamroots said...

OMG!!!! Awesome photos!!! Hilarious!!!!

JustYolie said...


jackie said...

You are not raising wimpy kids! Did you go for a ride? I think that if I did, I'd have to join Tom with a drink, but with something a little stronger ;-)

DaviMack said...

If I were Sydney I'd have simply let go and fallen off! Does NOT look like she's having a good time!

Great pictures, though. :)

jackie said...

Love the "Canadian Snow Suit" by the way! It looks a lot like the "Canadian Rain Coat"!

Did I fix the e-mail thing?

Anonymous said...

Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hilarious is all I can say. ab

Anonymous said...

Loads of fun.