Saturday, February 27, 2010

Babies on the Highway

We often have sheep at the ranch and lately they are grazing on the front lawn of my BIL’s place as well as the fields.  But Tuesday they were up on the highway, and in few different spots too.  There’s so many babies, and hardly any full grown sheep, I often wonder if they have twins or triplets??

These sheep were wandering all over the road at an area known as 7 Mile.  Excuse the picture, it was taken through the windshield of my truck with one hand.

Sheep at 7 Mile (by KansasA)

I always slow the truck down and let them meander across the road but this time they sort of scattered.  Some went away from me…

Highway 12 7 Mile (by KansasA)

… and then some headed right at me!

More Running (by KansasA)

The blur you see on the left side of the picture is the passenger side mirror.  I was driving trying to hold the camera up over the passenger’s side door and snap pictures with one hand!

Running (by KansasA)

All the sheep did get safely past me and then headed up the hill.  Once these babies grow up they’ll become a bit more road wise… I hope. :)

The reason I was heading to Lytton on Tuesday was because Sydney was at her play rehearsal and I decided to pick up Jevan from school.  We headed up to Jade Springs Restaurant for an early supper.  It worked out well because he can do his homework at the table and we get to chat, although we did have to borrow a pen and some glue from the waitress.  When we were done we had enough time to head over next door to the grocery store and finish up just in time to pick up Sydney at 5 o’clock.

Here’s a map posted on the wall of the grocery store.  The road we take home (Highway 12) is on the top between the two rivers.

Lytton Map (by KansasA)


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jackie said...

Litton is not very big is it?
And the babies are so cute! I do hope that they become road wise soon!

Anonymous said...

Someone should start shearing and make some indian sweaters. Great wild life pics.ab

Moonshadow said...

Again, Great Shots! Nice of the restaurant to keep school supplies on hand for their patron's use. :)