Sunday, February 21, 2010

Warm day at the Fraser River

This afternoon I packed the kids into my truck, grabbed the dogs, slung my camera over my shoulder and headed for the river.  I told Hubby where we were going and he said he’d meet us there in an hour.  Within 15 minutes of arriving he pulled up in his truck… “the tractor (he’d been working on) could wait” he told me.

The weather was beautiful.  The sun shining, the clear blue sky, the warm sand… and no phone.  A few hours of peace and quiet. :)

Fraser River (by KansasA)

I parked my truck up at the top, kicked off my shoes, and ran through the warm sand.  When Hubby drove up, he came right down, almost getting stuck.  At one point we talked about heading back up to the ranch to grab the skidder, but with determination, and wheels spinning, he did manage to back out… silly boy in the soft sand. :)

Almost stuck (by KansasA)

I thought I’d wash the sand off my feet but quickly found out the river water was cooooold!  And not only that, if you got too close the sand opened up and sucked you right up to your ankles!  I felt panic as both my feet sunk into freezing cold quicksand!  Sydney kept her rubbers on and was able to get a lot closer to the water, without sinking, than I was.

Sydney's boot (by KansasA)

I’ve been playing around with storyboards from this site: and am really enjoying them.  A storyboard of our day.

River Trip Storyboard (by KansasA)

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful spot to build memories for your family. It makes me wonder where the Fraser got the nick name, Mighty Fraser. This spot looks so sereen. ab

Mikey said...

What a perfect day :)

Prairie Mother said...

That is an amazing view! I can't even imagine living in a place with a view like that!

Kansas A said...

Yes sometimes I forget just how beautiful a place I do live in! :)