Sunday, February 7, 2010

Olympic Torch in Lillooet

On Saturday Dallas, Sydney, and I went to the Olympic Torch Relay ceremony down at the Mall and we saw the Olympic Torch.  At first I was really debating about going but, in the end, I have to say I had a really great time and I’m glad I went!  Spending the day taking pics with Dallas is great because I think we learn a lot from each other and we have fun! :)

I’ve already posted these to Flickr and Facebook and thought I’d post a few on my blog.  There’s quite a lot but I’ll only choose a few for my dial-up fans. :)  If you’d like to see the whole collection go to

With a large, cheering audience, Bob Sheridan ran the torch up to the stage.

PROUD! (by KansasA)

George Leach, originally from Lillooet, came back to give us an awesome performance.

George Leach (by KansasA)

An artist with a spinning canvas did an excellent job of entertaining the audience.

Colourful (by KansasA)

The music was loud and the crowd was cheering as he continued to spin and paint!

Look at him go! (by KansasA)

The finished painting was donated to the Village of Lillooet.  Great job!!

WOW! Nice :) (by KansasA)

Gymnasts Dancers with a ton of energy.  They moved so fast just watching them I was starting to sweat! LOL

Cool! (by KansasA)

The dancers were moving to the beating of drums, as well as 5 gallon buckets used as drums, with the drummers tossing their drum sticks in the air.

Drum sticks flying in the air! (by KansasA)

Sydney had a blast and got to see history in the making.  She was also our camera assistant and, for most of the ceremony, held my heavy camera bag and was quick as a whip exchanging lenses for me, thanks Sydney! :)

Sydney at the Olympic Torch Relay (by KansasA)

After the mall event the Torch was carried down to the Old Fraser River Suspension Bridge.

Olympic Torch Relay (by KansasA)

I put together a short video clip of some of the entertainers but wished I could have gotten some footage of the runners with the Torch.  I’m seriously debating whether to get a separate video camera because when I’m in video mode I can’t take pics and vice versa but I dread the thought of hauling around another piece of equipment!

If you can’t view the video at my blog click here to visit YouTube, and please rate the video while you’re there! :)

Check out the rest of the pictures at my flickr site.  I hope you all had a great weekend! :)


jackie said...

Awesome! I am glad that you made it out to see the relay and all that went along with it. When the torch came through Fredericton, I was in bed with the Swine flu.

tanita davis said...

Syd with the flag makes me all sniffly. What an awesome picture; I hope some of these get carried in your local paper.

I'm so excited for you guys! The Olympics!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing.Awesome..ab

Moonshadow said...

Great shots as usual. High quality video camcorders are getting smaller and smaller. I understand your dilema of having to forfeit stills when your doing video. Maybe Sydney would like running a small camcorder when she's not handing you lens. :)

Ken said...

Great coverage of the Torch Celebrations. Your photos were tack sharp, very impressive.
Ken Oakes

Kansas A said...

Thanks Mr. Oakes :)
PS Sydney said she had fun at Cayoosh today and enjoyed meeting everyone. :)

Cricket said...

Wow! Those photos are amazing!! I feel like I was there.

Anonymous said...

Wow very impressive I've driven the Lytton Lillooet hwy. never had the opportunity like one you had. thanks for sharing