Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bake Sale

You all know how I take Mondays off, and the reason why, right?  Oh, maybe some of you don’t… so let me explain.  My Hubby is a dinosaur.  He doesn’t cook, doesn’t clean, and only does “man” things (chop wood, mow the lawn, stand to pee, etc., etc.)… and he’s usually gone all week for work.

During the week the kids and I often have “soup & sandwich” night, or Kraft Dinner, or “anything that takes about 10 minutes to make with the least amount of dishes and is somewhat nutritious.”  So on the weekends, when Hubby is home, it’s roast beef with all the trimming’s including yorkshires for dinner, as well as bacon, eggs, and toast for breakfasts… sometimes he’ll come up from the shop at noon and say “I’m hungry” and look at me like I’m supposed to drop everything and whip up a Martha Stewart full course luncheon with petit fours.  Okay granted sometimes he’s been known to throw his own laundry into the washer but he only does one load… socks, underwear, jeans, and work shirts all in one load, no sorting for him.

So if there’s extra things happening on the weekends then I take Mondays and do what I want with them, and that usually means not doing a whole lot.  “My” Monday is everyone else's Sunday; no kids, no hubby, peace and quiet.

Monday morning at 8:58 AM I see “Lytton School” come up on the call display, my first thought; “what has Jevan done now??”  But it’s actually Sydney, and no she hasn’t done anything wrong, she says "I forgot to tell you we have a bake sale right after school. Can you bake something, maybe peanut butter cups, and drive in?"  So much for my Monday off!

Here’s a few pics of the bake sale:

Savannah's parents let the girls set up in the Hotel lobby.
Kayla, Savannah, Robin, Mrs Adams, Sydney, and (sitting middle) Deidre.

Bake Sale (by KansasA)

Sydney and Savannah hit the streets to advertise their bake sale.

Sydney & Savannah (by KansasA)

Everything looks delish, and the girls quickly sold out, including the 51 peanut butter cups I made. :)

Baked Treats (by KansasA)

Jevan taste tested, look close and you can see chocolate on his lips.

Still sitting (by KansasA)

I then took him outside and he met up with a very friendly dog.

Outside (by KansasA)

The bake sale is to raise money for the May Day Princesses.  They use the money to buy their own dresses, take out of town trips, and this Friday they are putting on a Valentine’s dinner and dance in town.  It ends at midnight so I don’t think we’ll be going!


Anonymous said...

Every thing looks so Yummy. The priceless look in Jevan's eye tells us he didn't have permission to taste test. ab

Mikey said...

MMMmmm, that looks delish!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed, I can remember making a dozen cupcakes..not 51 of anything....So I gather, Thursday is your Monday this week....LOL...Pat

jackie said...

51 peanut butter cups? Sooooo yummy!