Monday, March 1, 2010

After the Gold

What an intense hockey game on Sunday!  Canada vs. USA for the Olympic gold and Canada won in overtime!  I’m not a big fan of hockey, or even the Olympics for that matter, but it was fun and exciting to watch.  Canada finished up with the most gold medals won for any country in the history of the Olympics and it all hung on the outcome of the hockey game--- exciting or what? :)

After the the game we headed outside to light up a bonfire and roast wieners and marshmallows.  We had tried to get down to the river this weekend but conflicting schedules prevented us from doing that and our backyard was a fine substitute.

Here’s a few pics of the day, if you’d like to see all of them please visit my flickr site.
Kansas A Flickr Photostream

We started off with one heck of a big fire.

Hot fire (by KansasA)

While we were in the backyard Pops came along and fed the girls.  Here he is unrolling a round bale and acting oh so comical, he’s such a ham for the camera.  He came over and chatted with us for a bit after he finished feeding.


Comical Pops (by KansasA)

The girls quickly line up to devour the hay.

Chew, chew, chew (by KansasA)

The blackened wieners, due to the extreme fire, were scrumptious!

Chew, chew, chew (by KansasA)

And so were the marshmallows!  “Sydney, where’s your manners?”

Gross Sydney! (by KansasA)

The weather was beautiful and it stayed quite warm even after the fire started to die down.

Pasture (by KansasA)

The cows and their babies enjoyed the warm day and the great hay!

Eat, eat, eat (by KansasA)

After everyone had come inside we then watched the end of the closing ceremonies of the Olympics.  Quite a “show” with giant mounties, huge beavers, and gigantic hockey players!  Well it certainly was Canadian, wasn’t it? LOL

After Hubby and the Kids went to bed I gathered up my tripod and took a few pics of the moon.  The clouds around it made for such an eerie sight but I don’t think I did it justice, even with three different lenses, a 2 second timer, tripod, and lots of experimenting with exposure and f/stops.  Here’s a couple of shots.

Moon Shots Feb 28 2010 (by KansasA)

A bit of a close-up.

Moon Shots Feb 28 2010 (by KansasA)

For more pics of our bonfire, and the moon, visit my flickr site:
Kansas A Flickr Photostream


nikina said...

ohhhh...i love your pics :)u guys don't have any snow ??? wow !!!
i enjoyed the Olympics a lot and the hockey game was really a killer !!!
thanx for sharing your beautiful pics :)

tanita davis said...

The moon is lovely!

I'm not a big fan of the Olympics either but I heard that last game was amazing. My friend Carolyn has those red maple leaf mittens - she's awfully proud of them. Kudos to your country!

Anonymous said...

Great photos. Yes Canada did amazingly didn't they. ab

Linda Wirth said...

Love your blog. I check in several times a month and really enjoy reading it.

Can you tell me about the big rolls of hay versus the bales. I've always wondered what criteria people use for one or the other.

DK said...

Looks like you had fun!

Kansas A said...

Hi Linda, The reason Pops does round bales is because it only takes one person to roll out enough hay to feed a hundred cows. Using square bales you'd need at least two people; one to drive the truck, the other to dole out the hay. The square bales are sold to people because they are easy to lift into trucks for transport, and most people who use them don't have a tractor to handle round bales.