Friday, March 5, 2010

Blogger is broken

Grrrrh! It’s going on the second day where I can’t get into my own blog, nor any blog with “blogspot” in the address. It seems it’s Telus blaming Blogger, Blogger blaming Telus, and even the satellite company Xplornet involved. Although my ISP isn’t Telus, Lyttonet leases all their lines from Telus. It does appear most of the people effected are in BC with a few from Alberta.

Lack of information is frustrating and hopefully they will get it worked out today. Right now I’m using a proxy to access comments but it’s a real pain in the butt.

If you’re having this problem there is a long thread started over in Google, please add your ISP and location to it so someone can figure out this mess. Some people are able to get into blogger for a short time and then not, so the problem is intermittent for some, I haven't at all since Wednesday night.

I just tried to publish this post using Windows Live Writer and was denied access so I’ll try the proxy and see if that works, fingers crossed!


Moonshadow said...

I hate it when all they seem to want to do is place blame instead of figuring out what's wrong. I don't seem to have any problem accessing from Kansas. Hope your troubles are remedied soon.

Anonymous said...

Bummer. Thanks for the info about the hay bales. Keep up the good work, love reading your blog.

Anonymous said...


Same (no access because of "access control list") experience on the B.C. coast with Google/Blogger and Telus as my Internet Service Provider ...

And here, I thought that "THEY" had finally caught me, eh? ... forgetting for one second that "THEY" died a few years ago (CBC...22 Minutes) and that "WE" are now "THEY" ...

Now it seems that "THEY", like the Phoenix (or the BEAST of the Apocalypse), have "resurrected" and are trying to shut "WE" down again Just like the "politico-religious fanatics" our brave young soldiers are fighting in Asia !!

Is it maybe the right time for national and global "Direct Democracy", eh? (voting on the issues directly in national "electors' initiatives")

The first "initiative" could be on re-directing some of the dollars we are spending on the "afgan war", (and war in general) and "olympic-type parties" to development and the expansion of "technology" so as to pull ourselves and the rest of the world into the 21st century ... (This is the "Information Revolution" eh?)

The equation could be: one dollar spent by our federal government on WAR and/or "parties" (olympics, fireworks, etc ...) = one dollar spent on Development and third-world debt-forgive-ness ... and get back to our proud role as "peace keepers", not "peace-makers" and/or "owning the podium" and funding the "winning few", but doing our best and funding the "participating many", all who practice sports!

Just my beef for today, eh?


Proud Acadian (we did not "take up arms so as to retake our "European", nor our North American homeland, Acadia!)

Family in the NEW WORLD and/or North American since 1610 and Canadian since 1867! That's a long time eh?


Nice Blog... Keep it up Eh?