Friday, March 12, 2010

This year’s Pigs

On Wednesday we unloaded the six new pigs.  They had been sleeping in the stock trailer for three nights because Hubby was out of town working and we needed the pig pen finished before we could put them in.

Their bedding area is pretty much finished, other than it needs a bit of cover on one side.  Their pen is large logs placed together because Hubby said there’s no way he’s building a new fence… seems to work okay and there is no way, no friggin’ way, I’m gonna be chasing pigs all over this ranch like I did last year so it better work!

Pig shelter (by KansasA)

Pops backs the trailer in and Hubby opens the door.  You can see they’re roaring to go. ;)

Wakey Wakey! (by KansasA)

Coaxing them from behind they are pretty hesitate to leave the comforts of the trailer.

Six piggies (by KansasA)

With a surprised look Teddy comes to check things out.  (When I went to check on the pigs the next morning Teddy was sleeping very close by… he sure does take to the pigs well.)

Pigs & Teddy (by KansasA)

With much more coaxing, and very loud squealing, two of the pigs are out… but then one decides he’s having nothing to do with this and he heads back in!

Pigs (by KansasA)

After getting a bit forceful and closing the trailer door they have no choice but to check out their new surroundings.

Pigs (by KansasA)

While the kids and I keep the pigs at bay, Hubby puts the last log in place.

Skidder (by KansasA)

Sammy, our banty rooster, is chased by Goofy and hops up on one of the logs.

Pigs (by KansasA)

He quickly scoots across the pen with one of the pigs hot on his trail.

Sammy (by KansasA)

Deciding this isn’t the place for him he leaps out of there in a quick hurry.

Sammy (by KansasA)

In the morning I check on the pigs to see if they like their new bed.

Sleeping Pigs (by KansasA)

All seem pretty comfortable.

Sleeping Pigs (by KansasA)

One of the reasons we got these pigs so cheap is that most of them have hernias… and one has a rather large one between it’s legs.  The pigs don’t seem bothered by it at all and run and frolic all over the place.  The hernias will not affect the meat in any way so we really couldn’t pass this deal up because two of them are almost ready to butcher.

Pig hernia (by KansasA)


Anonymous said...

Priceless!!!!!! Thinking about going vegetarian...Just adorable, but won't they climb over the logs.ab

jackie said...

I think that those logs will hold them!