Thursday, March 11, 2010

Another Bake Sale

On Tuesday the May Day Princesses had another bake sale but unlike last time when Sydney called me the morning of the bake sale, I had lots of time to whip up Peanut Butter cups, Chocolate Cracker Bars, and Microwave Fudge.  This time they didn’t sell out, I think mostly because lack of people.  They should have scheduled the sale for when the Paralympics Torch run came through earlier in the day, because by 3 o’clock most people had left.  The leftovers were saved for the dance later that night but I’m not sure yet how it went.

Sydney Bake Sale (by KansasA)

Mrs. Adams, Sydney, and Savannah outside the Lytton Hotel.

Bake Sale (by KansasA)

Something different for this bake sale was that Robin’s Grandma had brought in sushi.  Okay I broke down and bought some because in all my 44 years I’ve never tried it… and now I know why…. it wasn’t for me, blech.  Wednesday morning Grandma popped over and I gave it to her, she quite enjoyed it.

Sushi Bake Sale (by KansasA)


Little Ol' Liz said...

For me, sushi was a taste I had to acquire over time, but you can for sure keep the brown rice.Perhaps if it had salmon and cream cheese?

Sydney is growing up beautifully!

Anonymous said...

OMG Kansas... Sydney sure looks like Dally in that first picture...two very beautiful young ladies....Pat

Kansas A said...

I like brown rice Liz but definitely not cold... the salmon and cream cheese sound delish. :)

tanita davis said...

Not at all to disparage Robin's grandma, but you might prefer sushi that's a bit more traditional Japanese. I can't say I've run across stinging nettle as an ingredient, nor apricot chutney. These sound tasty but I think you might actually enjoy OR crab. Or, crab and fish with creamed cheese. ;)

Bottom Feeder said...

Concur on the Sushi, an acquired taste. I do better with the "raw fish" variety (I know the purists have a word for that). The rice and seaweed variety just gets bigger in my mouth the more i chew!!

Anonymous said...

I love california rolls from the sushi place. They contain avocado and crab mainly. I stop frequently and bring it home. Baking looks delicous..ab

Kansas A said...

Good explanation Bottom Feeder but I didn't let it sit in my mouth long enough to experience that! LOL