Thursday, April 22, 2010

No Goldilocks but 3 bear cubs and a Mama

Another drive into Lytton to pick Sydney up from rehearsal tonight.  Just as I was coming down into Izman Creek I remembered Alleshia, my niece, telling me about the three bear cubs she had seen in the same area two days ago.  I was keeping an eye out when 10 seconds later I come around the switchback and there’s all three cubs with their Mama standing near the road!

I quickly pulled over while grabbing my camera, I then noticed I only had my 17-55mm lens on, darnit!  I snapped a couple of quick pics through the windshield in case they bolted, and then fumbled to get my telephoto on.

The 17-55mm pics aren’t great but you can see all three cubs and Mama.

Three cubs & Mama bear (by KansasA)

One of the cubs is quite a bit lighter except for his dark brown face.  The other two cubs look black and the Mama looks brown… quite the colour differences. :)

Lighter Cub brown face (by KansasA)

By the time I got my telephoto on and stepped out of the truck they were starting to head over the hill but Mama gave me a quick look.

Mama Bear (by KansasA)



David T. Macknet said...

That's the constant juggle, isn't it? "Which lens / settings combination will I need at random, next?"

I usually leave the camera set on a low AV, average metering, and then switch back & forth between that and TV, spot-metered. I leave it in the low AV mode most of the time so that I can catch things like birds & fast-moving things, knowing that I'd prefer the other settings for things like flowers or architecture (which don't move).

I no longer have the lens problem, thankfully. :)

frances said...

man thats unreal how close you can get to them awesome