Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Empty Canal

I’ve lived in Lillooet since I was about three years old (over 40 years!), except for a short stint in Pritchard (near Kamloops) and I’ve never seen the Seton Lake Canal empty!  On Saturday Hubby and I drove in and I took some pictures.  They are doing repairs and will reopen the Canal on May 6th, I’m going to try to be there when they open the gates.

On the way in we passed a few deer hanging out close to the road near U-Pick Gardens.

Deer near U-Pick Gardens (by KansasA)

This one has a mosquito near her nose.  The deer are pretty ratty right now while shedding their winter coat.

Deer near U-Pick (by KansasA)

They ended up hiding behind the trees and bushes so we moved on.

Near U-Pick Gardens on Highway 12 (by KansasA)

A view of Cayoosh Creek from high up on the Duffy Lake Road.

Cayoosh Creek looking down from Duffy Lake Road. (by KansasA)

A view of the empty canal.  The water in the Canal carries a very strong current and it’s dangerous to go near the water.  When I was a kid I remember the day my Dad fell in, and it was only the grace of God and my Uncle Jack who saved him!  It still gives me goose bumps when I think of that day!  I might not have the story too accurate as I was pretty young, but I remember Dad telling me he had just bought new boots and had the laces tied up so he was desperately trying to get his boots off and clawing at the sides of the Canal.  His fingernails were almost gone and he couldn’t get a grip when Uncle Jack threw him a rope and pulled him out.

The Empty Canal (by KansasA)

The Bridge over the Canal.

Canal sign (by KansasA)

The next few pics I was standing on the bridge.  Here you can see the gates holding back a massive amount of water.

Looking towards Seton Lake (by KansasA)

Workers down in the Canal.  (To see a close-up of the workers visit my flickr site).

Workers (by KansasA)

Before heading up Texas Creek we stopped and took a pic of a lone goat high up on the mountain.  I curse myself for not bringing my tripod and this was the best pic I could get.  The white goat is lying down under the small tree.

A loooong ways up a lone goat (by KansasA)

A few pics from Mitchell’s corner on Texas Creek Road.  Ainsworth Lumber (recently bought by Aspen Planers) is in the background.

View from Mitchell's corner (by KansasA)

I call this bridge Texas Creek Bridge but I was recently informed the official name is “Turnbull Bridge.” (Thanks Gale).

Texas Creek Bridge (by KansasA)

I snapped this one while we were driving across the bridge.

Taken from Texas Creek Bridge (by KansasA)

It was quite the interesting day and I do hope to be there when they open the gates on May 6th… just got to find out the time. :)

For more pics visit the Canal collection at my flickr site.


Crafty Gardener said...

Great collection of photos. Hope you can be there to capture the water flowing at the opening of the gates.

David T. Macknet said...

I particularly love the detail on those deer! What incredibly coarse hair they have!

Anonymous said...

how very clean the empty canal is! It looks like it is brand new and unused .
No matter how hard I squinted, I couldn't see the goat on the hillside LOL.


Anonymous said...

LOL I found him eventually, he is white and just under the tree ,I thought he was a patch of sunlight