Saturday, May 15, 2010

Exploring our own neighbourhood

Yesterday Hubby and I went for a drive looking for the Mama bear and her three cubs.  We didn’t get more than two minutes down the road and a cub ran out in front of us.  It wasn’t one of the cubs I’d seen from Izman Creek and, even though I had my camera in hand, he was pretty quick to hustle up the hill and was outta sight in a flash.

We travelled down to Buck Thomas’ old homestead, about 11 miles out of Lytton, near where I’d seen the Mama and her cubs.  It didn’t take long before I spotted the Mama bear.

She didn’t see us right away and I quickly leaped out of the truck.

Bear (by KansasA)

When she stood up I was shocked at how big she was!

Bear (by KansasA)

I was a bit nervous at how far the door of the truck was away from me but didn’t have to fear anything… she came down quickly and her and her cubs swiftly ran off.  We searched the area and didn’t see them again.

Bear (by KansasA)

Coming up from the bottom field we stopped at Buck Thomas’ old homestead and poked around.

Old Homestead (by KansasA)

Inside the place is knee deep in hay and it looks as if animals have been sleeping in the corner.

Living room (by KansasA)

The wood cookstove is almost buried in hay.

Old Cookstove (by KansasA)

Looking out the living room window you see a massive lilac bush.

Looking out the living room window (by KansasA)

We did a bit more touring of the area and then headed for home.  Along the highway you see tons of yellow flowers and I think everyone has their own name for them. :)

Flowers (by KansasA)

Speaking of flowers I did a Still Life assignment over at DPS this week.  I had a hard time choosing what colour background I wanted to go with and ended up going against what most people said and submitted the white.

Still Life... and death (by KansasA)

And this was the black one.  I titled them “Still life… and death.”  Hence the reason for the dead flower in the arrangement.

Still Life... and death (by KansasA)

If you’d like to have the black background for your Windows Desktop Wallpaper click here and grab yourself a high res copy. :)

For more pics of Buck’s old homestead visit the Old Homestead set at my flickr site.



tanita davis said...

What a lovely, idyllic photograph of the homestead. That's really beautiful.

I'm scared of you and that Mama Bear. Maybe you just need a new lens that can help you see thing that are really far away... so you don't have to do any unplanned jogging out there.

Bonnie said...

Quite the homestead. Watch those bears Don't be getting so close.ab

ennadoolf said...

I love that photo out of the cabin window! ...looks like lilacs, and I love them too!

Bottom Feeder said...

Hey! You spelled "neighborhood" wrong!!:-))

condur with staying away from the bears!

Kansas A said...

It's only spelled wrong if I lived in the States! It's perfect when one is a Canuck. :) LOL

jackie said...

So my big question did the hay get in there? And how fast can a bear run?