Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hummers are back in full swing

We’ve had hummingbirds since April 14th, a full week ahead of last year, but not as many…. until today!  Wow they sure hit hard and I had to refill two feeders today.

Tonight I took this picture through the screened window before the porch light came on.

Hummingbirds (by KansasA)

After the porch light came on and I stood outside the door:

Hummingbirds (by KansasA)

I did a small video but with my old point & shoot camera it really didn’t come out too well.  While I was doing the video one bird flew over my head and ended up in the living room, Sydney grabbed it and let it go outside.

I’ll try to get some better shots in the morning with full light. :)

Edit:  I purchased this particular feeder back in 2008 from Backyard Chirper:



tanita davis said...

While these don't necessarily show the gorgeous jewel-toned colors, they do show the bronze colors - like fast-moving metal sculpture, these guys. The silhouette shot is gorgeous.

So. Jealous. that you actually have hummingbirds. Somehow they missed the entire British Isles; they wisely decided it was too cold here...!

Crafty Gardener said...

What an amazing number of hummers you captured in one photo. Fantastic.

Julie said...

Love your blog... just started reading it a few days ago... I just bought my first hummingbird feeder a few days ago... Do you have any tips on how to attract them to your yard? You take great photos by the way... I noticed on a few of your posts you said they were for assignments, are you taking an online class somewhere?

Balsamroots said...

where did you get this feeder? I need a new one.. before the buggars leave- they seem to like my trees thou..

Anonymous said...

I have one humming bird so send me some I have about six feeders out. ab

David T. Macknet said...

That's one thing we really miss, living in the UK: the hummingbirds. They only live in the Americas.

jackie said...

We have a few hummers at the lake but never in such numbers! It must be quite the show!

Nadinha said...

A very nice blog!