Sunday, July 4, 2010

Busy week, getting much better

Wow time sure flies the week the kids get out of school!  Trips to Lytton for field trips, awards day, and anything else that involves school.  So sad that one event was cancelled and that was the end of the year school play.  Sydney was supposed to be Friar Lawrence in Shakespeare’s “Romeo & Juliet.”  Unfortunately all time for the play was to be done outside school hours and I think a lot of kids lost interest, as well as it was a bit of a hassle for parents to give up so much time getting the kids to the school for rehearsals.  Sad really, because I think the arts, drama, etc. should be just as important as sports in school.  I bow to Mr. White and Ms. Peters for the many hours of time and dedication they put into the play and I’m extremely sad to see Mr. White leave Lytton Elementary School.  My oldest daughter was in school for 13 years, Sydney for 7, and Jevan for 2 (I’ve come across a LOT of teachers), Mr. White taught Sydney for grades 3, 4, & 5 and he is the best teacher I have ever dealt with, good luck in your new position Mr. White and if I ever win the lotto you bet I’ll be hiring you full time to teach Jevan & Sydney! :)  I’d also like to thank Chris from Peoples Pharmacy in Lytton for driving Sydney home from the play on a few occasions. :)

Awards Day was a day for me to be proud of the kids!  Both of them received attendance awards, Sydney has only missed 3 days of school in 3 years.  She also received Citizenship, Best Effort, and an AVID award.  Jevan earned himself an Excellent Reading Skills award and a Homework award for completed all 29 of 29 homework packages.  Yup I was beaming when I came out of the school that day! :)

Sydney Awards Day (by KansasA)

Jevan receiving his Homework Award.

Jevan Award (by KansasA)

We have new babies on the ranch!  Mildred and her flock.

Mildred and her flock (by KansasA)

Cuties for sure!

Mildred and her flock (by KansasA)

We did some fishing at the Fraser this past couple of weekends but I swear there’s no fish left in the river because we came up with nothing!  Hopefully things will improve soon.

McGillivray Creek is still running into the river and in the last 18 years I’ve only seen this creek run twice, I do not like that it takes all our soft sitting sand down to the river with it!

McGillivray Creek (by KansasA)

We took a drive up to Blue Earth Lake last weekend and Sydney caught her first fish!

Both happy! (by KansasA)

After getting lost for over 2.5 hours it was well worth the trip, beautiful place, but I wish we could have spent more time there.

Blue Earth Lake (by KansasA)

Jevan earned himself a kite for perfect attendance for the month of June and him and I headed up to the field to try it out.  The wind was a tad strong and he had a heck of a time holding it down!

Kite Flying (by KansasA)

He lost it a few times and here he is winding it in.

Kite Flying (by KansasA)

And lastly my “Eighties” entry into DPS this past week… yup it was “all about the hair” back then. LOL

80's DPS Assignment (by KansasA)

For a more “Blue Earth Lake” pictures visit my flickr site:
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Anonymous said...

congratulations to Sydney and Jevan for doing so well. Magnificent scenery photos as usual. ab

jackie said...

Congratulations to the kids! And SYdney is so accomidating to let you take all of the pictures that you do!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to both for doing great. I am very proud of you both always. The pictures are awesome. I love the hair do.

Armando Codina said...

Love your post, i really enjoyed to read this, thanx for posting.