Monday, July 12, 2010

Hot, hot, hot… rain.

What a major weather change!  The last week it’s been extremely hot, so hot we’ve had to hose down the pigs on a regular basis.  They have a mud hole but if you don’t keep adding water it warms up something awful.  Then this morning the weather took a heck of a turn and we now have rain, and lots of it!  It’s thunder and lightning in town right now but so far there’s been none out here, although I did wake up to no power for an hour.

Speaking of the pigs mud hole, they keep pushing their heavy trough into it and Sydney and I had to move it out of there the other day.  Here’s a pic of her after I’ve hosed off the rubbers she’s wearing.  She asked me to take a picture of her so she could look back and remind herself why she does not want to become a pig farmer when she grows up.  Sorta makes me wish I would have had pics of myself when I was a young girl…. that is if I was actually doing this when I was a young girl. :)

Sydney and the pigs (by KansasA)

The pigs were happy and Sydney has titled this pic “HOGS and Kisses.” lol

HOGS & Kisses (by KansasA)

Last week I took the kids up to Black’s Field and snapped some pics of them.  Because Jevan gets bored pretty fast I had him holding a reflector which lasted about two minutes which probably felt like an hour to him.

Sydney Portraits (by KansasA)

He was even less interested in having his own photo taken.

Jevan Portraits (by KansasA)

But I did get him to look at the camera for one pic.

Jevan Portraits (by KansasA)

Ahhh the joys of having a son. :)

And a sad note to my blog post this morning. :(  A pic of my Mom and Tacobell taken on Thursday when I was in Kamloops, Mom has finally moved into her new home from Nanaimo.  Taco is the daughter of my two dogs Meegie and Spike, and the sister to my other chihuahua Annie (all three, sadly missed, are buried beside the willow tree near our chicken coop).  Taco crossed the rainbow bridge (14 yo) on Friday July 9 2010 and her ashes will be spread with her Mom, Dad, & sister the next time Mom comes to the Ranch.  RIP Tacobell and say hi to everyone over there. :)

Mom and Tacobell (by KansasA)

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Anonymous said...

Sydney may change her mind and decide to raise pigs. Great photos though! sorry to hear about Taco.ab

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of Sydney laying in the field.....and Jevan is thinking "Let me out of here"...LOL

jackie said...

Had a chuckle at Jevan's photo! One of my boys is just the opposite! Bring out a camera and there he is, right in your face!
Still like your pig pen!