Thursday, September 2, 2010

Catch up

Playing catch up again on my blog… I need more days in the week. :)

We have a new dog!  Mini Pearl is her name and she’s the cutest bundle of joy. :)  She’s a Chi Apso, a mix of Chihuahua and Lhasa Apso. 

The day we got her.

Mini Pearl (Chi Apso)

A few days later.

She didn't like the bow

We’ve pulled the net out of the river this past week except for the weekend.  We’ll probably put it back in again this coming weekend depending on how often Sydney and I drive back and forth to Lytton.  The Lytton Riverfest Pow Wow is this weekend and we’d like to attend a few of the festivities.

There’s been several bears we’ve seen down at the river.  This guy/gal was walking on the road and when he/she spotted us headed for a tree.


This was one of two but they didn’t get close enough together to snap a pic.

Bears at the River

Lots of eagles have been hanging around too.

Eagle (cropped)

I’ve been practicing birds in flight and find it tough to lock in on them… with some advice from my fav teacher Davimack I will keep trying. :)

Eagle in flight

Pulling the net one morning we found a small sturgeon.  Talk about prehistoric looking things!



One of the last days we were at the river the Fish Monitoring Boat crew came up and spoke to Hubby.  They keep track of how many sockeye are caught on the Fraser River.  All are quite friendly and a pleasure to speak with. :)

Fish Monitoring Boat

Fish Monitoring Boat

I’m still entering photos for the weekly assignments at DPS.  This one took 1st runner up for Bugs and Insects last week.  We found the nest in our travel trailer.

Wasps Nest

The latest assignment is Books and I’ve entered a pic of Sydney with “Books on the Brain.”  It’s “Cars” after this one and I don’t have any idea what I’m going to do.  Jevan’s hot wheels springs to mind but I’ll have to think on it. :)

Books DPS

Another batch of chicks….sighhhhhh, do Banties ever quit bringing home bundles??

New chicks

Whew that’s it!  Hopefully it won’t be as long before my next post, sorry to all my dial-up friends but I have reduced the size of the pics so hopefully they won’t take too long to load. :)

I’ve created a Facebook Photography page on Facebook and if you’d like to join please click the icon on the right side of my blog, Facebook will open and then click “Like” while there.  I find I’m putting pictures up at Facebook and Flickr before I get to my blog so if you’d like to see them earlier please join me at Facebook. :)

For a more pictures of the above post visit my flickr site:
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Moonshadow said...

I've been enjoying your pics on FB, you get some GREAT shots. Just wanted to tell you, another day added to the week would just be filled with that much more to get done. :) But I totally understand the feeling of needing more time.

Anonymous said...

What a cutie! I finally get to see the pictures and read the blog. I sure enjoyed them all. Thank you and keep on blogging!

Love Ya!

Brenda GA, Dome-Dweller said...

OMG - that Mini-Pearl is adorable!! Especially the pic with the red bow. Toula, my chi, is so lonely since Shandy passed last April. Looking a Mini-Pearl makes me want to rush out and look for Toula a K9 buddy.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there and stay busy. Summer is almost done and school goes back so you will get a rest... ab

Julie said...

your new little dog is so precious!! and your pictures of the bears are FABULOUS! I would be freaking out being that close to them!

jackie said...

New pup! TOO CUTE! Even the head tilting!
And at least you are up dating sporatically! I still have wedding pictures to put up AND I shudder to think of all the blogs that I have to catch up on. Winter will be here eventually and I can sit and rest for a few minutes.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kansas,
I have to thank you for providing me with a look at a part of my country I have not had the chance yet to visit. I'm down here in Montreal. No bears or running salmon here. Sigh.... The food's good though. Some consolation I guess. Your family is lovely. Your photos are inspired and inspiring.

Kansas A said...

Thank you Judy. It's people like you who remind me that I really do live in a beautiful place... sometimes I tend to take it for granted. :)

Anonymous said...

I have just joined DPS and came across your photo in the competition. Which then took me to looking at your photos on flicker. Wow!! I live in New Zealand and your photos are so beautiful of where you live it makes me want to come a visit your country. Your photography is inspiring. Thank you. : )

Kansas A said...

Thank you, I'm glad I can be an inspiration to someone. :D BC is really beautiful and I love living here but I'd love to visit New Zealand too! :)