Saturday, October 2, 2010

Almost a month!

It’s been pointed out to me that it’s been almost a month since I blogged… yes I’m a bad blogger of late.  No excuses… or at least none that I find convincing enough to post, just lack of time and energy.

I’m seriously thinking of shutting down my blog.  I’ve been terrible in the tutorial department, most all my pictures are uploaded to Facebook and Flickr long before they hit my blog, and in looking at my stats I find most people find my page by searching Google for a canning question, recipe or looming, or technical thing.  I will think about it and decide in the next few weeks.

So on that note this is what we’ve been up to lately.

Sydney attended World Rivers Day and rode a raft from Nicomen along the Thompson River down to Lytton into the Fraser River.

River Rafting

She had a blast and loves riding the rafts!  Me, on the other hand, love to scale the rocks on the banks and drive up and down the highway to take the pictures, lol.

Sydney waving as they go by.

River Rafting

A speck in the Fraser River.  Lots more pictures of Sydney’s rafting trip can be seen at my Flickr site.

River Rafting

I spent about an hour under the Lytton bridge waiting for the kids to go by.  While I was there I took some pics of birds, the trains, and the bridges.

A flicker on one of the old telephone poles.

River Rafting

A train on the bridge.

River Rafting

The train bridge on the left, the new Lytton bridge in the middle, and on the right is parts of the old bridge we used to drive on.

River Rafting

Enjoy your Saturday. :)


Moonshadow said...

Please don't shut down your blog. Seems like a lot of bloggers, myself included, are having problems getting posts up in a timely manner, so it's not just you. Blog when you can, I'll be watching my blogger feed for your posts. :)

David T. Macknet said...

Love the pictures!

As to the blog: if you get rid of FaceHook you'll find that you've got tons of time left to blog, and that you'll not really miss it after you realize that you have things to DO during that free time.

Would hate to see the blog go.

Bonnie said...

Fantastic photos and did you see where the clean sparkling Thompson and the muddy Fraser meet at the bridge. KEEP THE BLOG ab

Anonymous said...

I love your blog. I find your posts and pictures very enjoyable. I would miss it if you shut it down. I agree with the remark about "faceHOOK" :)


Anonymous said...

I would miss it!!!!!!!!Big time

Dora Renee' Wilkerson said...


I know what you mean. I hardly ever post on my blog anymore. I have gone back and forth if I wanted to keep mine as well.

I have always liked your blog and I'd hate to see it go. You have some wonderful tutorials.

Lisa said...

Please keep blogging! I so enjoy your descriptions of your life and your family, which is so different from mine. Just update us when you have time. Please!

jackie said...

My blog has been neglected lately too. And it is not because of FB either! Just not feeling like writing much. Tired. A little depressed that winter is breathing down our neck. I know that I do enjoy seeing what you post when you post it. Others say the same of my blog. I am just letting it stew a bit and seeing how I feel in a little while. In the mean time, no pressure, just keep taking pictures!

Anonymous said...

Oh no! Please keep the blog! I love popping back every so often to update myself on your story. I found you when I was sent some crafting patterns in PDF and they had your link on them,seems like that was years ago now.