Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fog on the Fraser River

Hubby and I headed out the other morning bright and early.  He was trying to get a deer up the mountain and I had my camera.  We didn’t see any deer but I sure got some great shots of the fog rolling across the Fraser. 

Fog above the Ranch

The sun was shining and it was a beautiful morning, although a bit chilly.  If you’ve been to the Ranch before you can spot our house in the shot below.  Grandma’s house is sort of hidden in the trees.

Fog above the Ranch

I really like this pic, the way the fog has rolled over the Horn Field.  The two big buildings are the hay shed in the back and the barn in the front.

Fog above the Ranch

Some days the fog rolls right over our house and we can barely see the fields from the windows, now I can see why, it’s pretty thick here. Smile

Fog above the Ranch

While I was up the mountain I spotted a very lonely looking tree, I thought it would have made a great Halloween shot!

Fog in the trees

I’ve got to get up early tomorrow because I’m off to Lytton Elementary in the morning.  The Ministry of Education is sending their Professional Video Crew to shoot a commercial and Sydney will be one of the speakers for the Connected Classroom.  I’m so proud of her!  Timeline sounds like around six months (maybe sooner) and we should be seeing it on all the channels… albeit Canadian channels only I would guess.  With the Premier resigning today I hope things don’t change because the kids would be so disappointed.

I’ve created a Facebook Photography page on Facebook and if you’d like to join please click the icon on the right side of my blog, Facebook will open and then click “Like” while there.  I find I’m putting pictures up at Facebook and Flickr before I get to my blog so if you’d like to see them earlier please join me at Facebook. :)  I’m running a contest for a free print, get the details at

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Oma said...

Love the pictures. Hope all goes well with the crew tomorrow. Way to go for Sydney!

Love Ya!

David T. Macknet said...

So glad to see the pictures coming through on Flickr. I still think that you'd have more time to spend on blogging if you didn't do the facehook thing, though. ;)

Brenda GA, Dome-Dweller said...

These pictures are breathtaking!! Thank you for posting them to your blog since I'm anti-facebook. I wanted you to know they made my day.

Jennifer said...

It was pleasure reading your post, very nice pictures. Thanks for share!!

Tulsa Court said...

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jackie said...

Wow Kansas! Stunning pictures! Stunning landscape!
Stunning fog!
I guess that I must be a bit stunned today ;-)