Monday, December 27, 2010

The Chef

Jevan always says he wants to be a Chef when he grows up… someday I hope to post this picture on his restaurant wall. Open-mouthed smile

The Chef

I’ve created a Facebook Photography page on Facebook and if you’d like to join please click the icon on the right side of my blog, Facebook will open and then click “Like” while there.  I find I’m putting pictures up at Facebook and Flickr before I get to my blog so if you’d like to see them earlier please join me at Facebook. :)  I’m running a contest for a free print, get the details at

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Kansas A 




David T. Macknet said...

Go, Jevan!

Oma said...

I think this just looks so cool.

Anonymous said...

Jevan sure is sprouting up suddenly. Those pics are amazing A very fast peak but I saw all of them. Happy New Year to all. love ab