Friday, December 17, 2010

LES Christmas Concert & CP Holiday Train

Wow busy day yesterday!  I attended the kid’s annual school Christmas concert, then zipped up to Jade Springs for an early supper, hit the grocery store, and then waiting by the CP (Canadian Pacific) tracks for the Holiday Train featuring the band “Odds.”

Sydney was one of the MC’s.

LES Xmas Concert 2010

Jevan performed on stage and, as usual, gave everyone some giggles. Smile

LES Xmas Concert 2010

Sydney played the recorder alongside her classmates.

LES Xmas Concert 2010

The CP Holiday Train supports Food Banks in many communities.  It rolled in right on schedule and was amazing to see, wow!

CP Holiday Train

It’s decorated with hundreds of thousands of lights and starts out in Montreal.

CP Holiday Train

The “Odds” were fantastic and put on a great show!  They are an alternative rock band from Vancouver BC and if you’ve heard the songs “Eat my Brain” or “Heterosexual Man” then you might know who they are.  I gather they also did the theme song for the TV comedy show “Corner Gas” but I never watched the show.

CP Holiday Train

Santa performed on stage and also did a great job.

CP Holiday Train

When they were done the side of the boxcar flips up and closes and they’re off to the next town.  Fun times!

CP Holiday Train

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tanita davis said...

Wow, that train looks fab with just the lights showing.

There's much to be said for living out in the boondocks, since Santa COMES to you via rail. That's so cool.

(Geez, Syd is getting tall.)

Anonymous said...

CP rail does it up good. Nice to see.

Oma said...

This looks like a lot of fun.

jackie said...

Wow! What a fun time! I hope that the guitar players didn't get frost bit on their fingers! My kids LOVED Corner Gas. They watched all of them on Youtube.