Friday, February 15, 2013

Logitech Fold-up Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad

I had an accupuncture appointment in town yesterday and stopped to check the mail.  My new keyboard for my iPad 3 was in!  Oh the excitement!  After finishing everything in town I raced home only to be very disappointed.
Oh it works but here's a list of disappointments:
It's an extremely tight fit and you have to snap it in there pretty tight, doesn't make it easy to pull off and on.
The clear plastic cover surrounding the keys left an awful sticky mess behind, like it was heated up and had been on for a very long time.
The split space bar is really horrible!  One wants to click right where the space is so it will not work and you often end up with no space between words.  You end up having to hit the delete key to backspace a LOT.
The overall cheap plastic feeling of the keyboard, like it's not going to stand up to everyday use.
I have the Apple Smart Cover they say works great with it... um no.  You can't fold it up when you have the keyboard attached at all.  All it does is hang off the back, and you can close it but that's it.  If you want to actually use it the way it was intended you would have remove your ipad from the keyboard.
So far everytime I go to use the keyboard it needs to be reconnected in my settings, for some reason the bluetooth won't stay connected.
The bulk of the keyboard is bad.  If you think this thing will only add a few millimetres you would be totally wrong, it's thick!

Oh I will probably get used to using it, it will take awhile though.  I do like that it is larger than some of the keyboards I looked at, I mean what's the point in getting an external keyboard if you still have to use two fingers to work it?  I do like that it is charged via usb and supposedly the charge will last about six months.  Another reason for liking it is if you have crappy eyes due to aging but your fingers know where the keys are you can sit in your dark kitchen, early morning, and type up a blog post.  Just be prepared to hit the delete key often because of the spacebar issue.

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