Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day

Hmmm, Valentine's Day today.  Not a day that means a thing to me unless it falls on a Saturday and sometimes Sunday.  You see, I have a hubby who works away from home all week and he's one of those types "out of sight out of mind."  Oh he's bought me dozens of roses over the years, and the cards he picks out would really amaze you if you knew him, and he's even bought me a helium balloon once!  But alas it was only if Valentine's Day fell on a Saturday.  The man plans nothing ahead of time so today will come and go like it was any other normal day. But I did have a handsome fella climb out of bed this morning, sleepily look at me, and yawn "Happy Valentine's Day Mama!" and that's good enough for me.


tanita davis said...

Hah - well, babe, you're talkin' to two people who forget their own anniversary pretty much every year. We manage birthdays, though. ☺

No matter. No one needs to tell good men when to show their wives some love, and today or not, I'm sure you get the message. Happy Heart Day anyway. ♥♥♥

Kansas A said...

My hubby can remember a 16 digit serial number for our skidder but he can't remember my birthday to save his soul. And to make it worse my month and day are the same 04!
Thanks for the Happy Heart Day T and right back at ya! :)