Monday, March 4, 2013

Golden Cariboo Honey Beeswax

Bob's beeswax
Bob and Leigh, from Golden Cariboo Honey, stopped in today and brought me some beeswax!  I've known Bob since I was a kid (I won't say the actual years, lol) so it was great to have a chat with him and Leigh.  I had just finished milling about 8lbs of flour and vacuum packing salmon that I smoked yesterday so we did a trade.  I can now make more cayenne salve, also some ultimate beeswax balm, and as soon as my lip tubes come in I'll be making homemade chapstick.  Hubby goes through it like crazy and have you ever read the non-medicinal ingredients they put in the store bought stuff?  It's insane!

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tanita davis said...

Now that you've got more wax, I look forward to seeing what all you make. I've been wondering about making a solution with nettles for arthritis - I know people who take it internally, but I also know people who use cayenne externally for the same reason, and understand there's that application as well.

Will be interesting to experiment!