Sunday, March 10, 2013

Mini Surgery on the Ranch

My poor Doolittle!  He had what we think was a epulis in his mouth, and I'm talking a HUGE one!  How we never noticed it in the last couple of weeks is beyond me?  I spoke with Pops about it last night and we decided to cut it off this morning.  Well as busy as Pops is he gave the emasculator pliers to Tom and we got at it.  Hubby and I held Doolittle and Tom was to wrap the epulis in the pliers and sort of hold it for a bit before snipping it off in case of excessive bleeding.  Well thankfully there was no excessive bleeding because it was just a quick snip and that epulis was lying on the table!  It was very hard and quite lumpy taking up quite a bit of room on Doolittle's gum but not much was attached.  It's been a few hours and he seems quite happy, even eating a cookie.


A few shots from the last couple of weekends:

A newborn calf soaking up the sun.

One of the peacocks with his head tucked in tight.
Sleeping Peacock

A view across from Kirby's Flats high up the power line road.
Across from Kirby's


tanita davis said...

Ouch, poor puppy! Glad there was no excessive bleeding; it's not like you can do too much in the mouth if there is...

Some gorgeous days just now, aren't they? We are perusing seed catalogues with eagerness.

Kansas A said...

Well I think we jinxed ourselves T. We had beautiful weather, sun shining, wiener roast in the yard burning leaves, gorgeous! And this morning it's now pouring out there, yuck yuck. I hope it clears within the hour so I can go for an outside run...