Sunday, July 7, 2013

Goats on the Ranch!

It’s been awhile since I posted but in all fairness I have been busy and, before that, very sick with an abscess tooth!  Tooth pain is not fun, not fun at all!  Twenty-nine years ago I ended up in the hospital for five days with a very swollen face due to an abscess tooth… this past week has brought back a flood of memories but luckily I didn’t get the swollen face again, although the endless throbbing pain pretty much stops at that point.  Luckily my dentist was in his office on Canada Day and he was able to do half a root canal, tomorrow I get the other half done.  The antibiotics didn’t really kick in until Thursday, six days after the first hint of pain began, but all is well now and I do believe I will be able to chew on my left side again.

Other news (as you probably guessed in my title) is we have two goats on the Ranch!  We picked them up on Saturday and they are Nubian Boer cross.  Meet:


1Cupcake 042

And her kid Muffin:

Cupcake 031

Cupcake has been quite a handful although she was great last night but today she was crying something terrible whenever we left and she couldn’t see us.  She jumped the fence a number of times and has now just settled down for the night.  As long as there is someone out near her pen she is fine but, boy oh boy, leave her and she’s crying like a baby!  We have a ghetto blaster hanging out our window and an extra string of baler twine on the top of the fence and that seemed to help.  Tomorrow we will increase the fence a bit more and hopefully that will help.

My son-in-law Duane has built the pen and shelter and today he worked on the milking station.  It turned out really great and tomorrow he will finish it.  I had Cupcake up on it and did manage to get a teeny bit of milk out of her and I think she’s doing great for never using a milk station before!  Here her and Muffin are jumping and checking it out.

Milk Station 010

Well it’s late and I’m off to bed, super tired tonight!  Have a great night everyone and I’ll post more pics soon. Smile


Anonymous said...

I heard that you should always have two goats because they get so lonely otherwise but it sounds like cupcake needs to be around you even with having muffin. Good luck with that. :)

Anonymous said...

That last comment was from me, Steph. :) not sure how to do it because I don't have a google account or anything.

Kansas A said...

Yeah that's what I heard too Steph, hence why we have Cupcake and Muffin but maybe we need another full grown doe with Cupcake? J is gonna kill me you know! lol

Anonymous said...

Hello Kansas!
Congrats! The goats are beautiful! I must say, I am a little envious :).... No allowance for farm type animals in the "big city" (other than chickens) or I would have a goat for sure.
Take care, wishing you all the best!
Denise J-C

tanita♥davis said...

The shapes of their heads are just adorable!!!

Yeah, I wanted goats, but my sister said, "NO! They never shut up!" I expect they'll figure things out after a little bit.

Looking forward to seeing what you do with the milk! Soap? Cheese? Just drinking it?