Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Fall Fair 2006

I entered 18 entries in our 61st annual Fall Fair last Saturday and won in 13 categories!
1st place: Apricot Brandy (tapped off one bottle a month early)
1st place: One dozen of my brown eggs (I had to lift up a chicken in the coop to get the last brown egg)
1st place: Dried fish (Our first attempt at making St'wan)
1st place: Dried plums
1st place: Canned fish (I bake it, strip the skin and bones and then process, pictures in an earlier post)
1st place: Pickled fish (Also known as Svella Culla and I have a post all about it)
1st place: Zucchini loaf (Made with whole wheat flour and a can of pineapple)
1st place: Crabapple jelly (My first time making it)
2nd place: Carrot Cake jam (Made last October)
2nd place: Canned cherries
2nd place: Dried cherries
2nd place: Smoked fish
3rd place: Knitted dishcloth
I also entered four pictures and a crochet hair tie but didn't win anything for those. I'm getting ready for next years fall fair and have already started a box to put some canning in, that way I won't be so rushed at the last minute.


Pat said...

Congratulations!!I'm so impressed, who knew you were so talented?

Katrina said...

Fantastic placing!
I miss the Fair and blue ribbons. I am now a city dweller -my heart is still on the Ranch.
PLEASE! I need to see the recipe for Carrot Cake Jam
and and the Zucchini Loaf?