Friday, October 20, 2006

Hat with a built in scarf

Here's a couple of pictures of Sydney wearing a new hat with a built in scarf, no more lost scarves! The only thing I wasn't happy with is the major curl on each scarf, I even did a purl at the end of the row and it still didn't help, I think I might have to knit a full row and purl the next row for next time...I loomed up 2- 80 row flat panels (13 pegs each) on the green KK loom with double strands, first one, cut your yarn and then the second (set aside when done). Then used the yellow KK and knitted 18 rows for the hat brim, bring up the brim and then transfer the two flat panels to the loom, knit over to attach them and finished up with 22 rows for the hat. I started this one night and finished the next day so it really knits up quick. I was doing Sydney's hats on the green KK but I find on the yellow KK she has a lot more room in the hats. If anyone wants to try this and needs more detailed instructions just leave me a comment and I'll add more to this post.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kansas,

I love this hat/scarf combo. I can make a hat with a brim and I can make a scarf, but I'm clueless about joining them. Can you give details. I'm a newbie at this, so talk to me like I'm 2. :)

from the loomknittingnewbie group