Monday, October 16, 2006

Sydney's Charted Hat & Jiggles

I did it! I finally got time to sit down and loom up a hat for Sydney :) I used my "first charted hat" pattern located on the right, and also put earflaps (pattern located here) and ties on it. She has already worn it to school, even tho' the weather hasn't been that cold, although the mornings are a bit nippy.

Meet Jiggles! Well it looks like Fluffy isn't coming home, it's been over three weeks since she disappeared, so when Sydney and I went to Kamloops on October 7th we picked up Jiggles. She's a dwarf hamster and isn't going to get much bigger. She sure has lots of energy!


Anonymous said...

I just happened on to your blog when I was searching for handmade Swiffer covers and it was like I struck a goldmine of great and very useful information!
I was very intrigued by your weaving and the round loom that you use. Where might I find one and also get good instructions. I am a knitter/sewer/handcraft wannabe and I am always eager to try new things. Thanks for your time. Mary Kay

Kansas A. said...

Hi Mary Kay
Thank you :) You can find the round looms pretty much at any Wal-Mart, Michaels Craft Stores, and many sites online. There are ton of sites now with mini-videos for much better instructions than Provocraft could provide. Go to Google and simply type in Knifty Knitter, you might also check the links on the right side of my blog. "Fraggle Loom Love" has tons of links. Looming can be very addicting so be forewarned :)!!

Carmen T said...

Sidney's hat is very cute. I've made two of the charted hats you designed and like them very much. Keep up the good work!

Gerbilgal said...

Jiggles is so adorable. I recently adopted a syrian hamster. I love little critters. I have gerbils also.