Saturday, November 25, 2006

Mini Christmas Bells!

Mini Christmas bells pinned to your jacket. This was made on a 8 peg child's thumb loom from Cindy Alberts; The Knitting Loom Company, pictured below.
Use two strands of yarn as one. Ewrap 9 rows, flat knit last row, total 10 rows. Gather method off, turn inside out and tie off but do not cut yarn. Thread gathering yarn through tapestry needle and create loops on top. Attach bell using yarn at top in the centre. Weave in ends. Use a glue gun to attach a small ribbon and use a small safety pin to attach it to your jacket. This project takes about 15 minutes to complete!
8 peg child thumb loom by the The Knitting Loom Company


Amy G. said...

Thanks for sharing these! They're very cute - I found them on the knifty knitter yahoo group page. What brand of yard did you use for the red/white one?

Kansas A. said...

Hi Amy G.
The red yarn is a chunky wool and the white has a gold thread wrapped around it, it's not heavy at all. The other colours are all worsted weight. I don't have brand names as the wool was given to me and a lot of the labels are missing.